The tree of forgiveness / John Prine

Returning for his first record of original material in over a decade, much has changed since the last go-round for this recording legend. After surviving neck and lung cancer, Prine returns with a much grittier and scratchier voice. Rather than detract, it adds to the record, adding much to the best tracks, including “Summer’s End”, a reaching out to a grown child to return home, and the mortality-tinged closing track “When I Get to Heaven” which is pure Prine gold. Another highlight is the playful “Egg & Daughter Nite, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1967”, a tall tale about a true story regarding egg farmers convening in Nebraska while dropping their daughters off at a local roller skating rink. This album is definitely worth a listen from top to bottom. Also, who can argue with Bob Dylan, who considers Prine to be one of his favorite songwriters.

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