Thriller Mysteries

The houseboat: a novel / Dane Bahr
As a year of drought gives way to a season of squalls, a girl is found trembling on the side of the road, claiming her boyfriend was murdered. The townspeople of nearby Oscar turn their suspicions toward Sellers. Town sheriff Amos Fielding knows this crime is more than he can handle alone. Fielding calls on the regional marshal up in Minnesota, detective Edward Ness, to help him investigate the homicide and defuse the growing unrest. Ness, suffering his own demons, arrives in Oscar determined to put his past behind him and solve the case. But soon more bodies are found.

Blacktop wasteland / S. A. Cosby

Beauregard “Bug” Montage is a man with many different titles: husband, father, friend, honest car mechanic. But before he gave it up, Bug used to be known from the hills of North Carolina to the beaches of Florida as the best Wheel Man on the East Coast. After a series of financial calamities, Bug feels he has no choice but to take one final job as the getaway driver for a daring diamond heist that could solve all his money troubles and allow him to go straight once and for all.
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One last lie / Paul Doiron

Fifteen years ago, a young warden was sent on an undercover mission to infiltrate a notorious poaching ring and never returned. He was presumed dead, but his body was never recovered. Mike is desperate to find Charley before he meets a similar fate.
Series: Mike Bowditch novels #11
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Young blood / Tricia Fields

Dr. Oscar LeBlanc is close to a medical breakthrough to cure dementia and other degenerative diseases. But in order to succeed he needs to illegally obtain plasma from children. He believes the ends justify the means and two young girls are abducted. The disappearance of the girls causes a lockdown of the area and, when one of the girl’s parents prove uncooperative with the police, former homicide cop turned radio presenter Maggie Wise offers to help. Maggie quickly forms a connection with the family just as the girls are found. LeBlanc is quickly suspected, but after he is questioned, he’s found dead from an apparent suicide. However, the circumstances are suspicious, and Maggie finds herself conflicted when the family become the prime suspects.
Series: Maggie Wise mysteries #1

Bad moon rising / John Galligan

A record heat wave suffocates remote rural Wisconsin as the local sheriff tracks down a killer hidden in the depths of the community in this atmospheric, race-to-the-finish mystery.
Series: Bad Axe County novels #3

Before she disappeared / Lisa Gardner

Investigating the cold-case disappearance of a Haitian teen in a gritty Boston neighborhood, Frankie Elkin navigates resident and police resistance as well as the challenges of her own sobriety before risking her life to uncover the truth.
Series: Frankie Elkin novels #1
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And now she’s gone / Rachel Howzell Hall

Isabel Lincoln is gone. But is she missing? It’s up to Grayson Sykes to find her. Although she is reluctant to track down a woman who may not want to be found, Gray’s search for Isabel Lincoln becomes more complicated and dangerous with every new revelation about the woman’s secrets and the truth she’s hidden from her friends and family. Featuring two complicated women in a dangerous cat and mouse game, And Now She’s Gone explores the nature of secrets–and how violence and fear can lead you to abandon everything in order to survive.

The last exit / Michael Kaufman

Set in Washington D.C. 20 years from now, climate change has hit hard, fires are burning, unemployment is high, and controversial longevity treatments are only available to the very rich. In this thrilling futuristic novel, the secret to eternal life is closely guarded by people who will do anything to protect it — even if it means destroying everything in their path.
Series: Jen Lu mystery #1.
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Trouble is What I Do / Walter Mosley

Leonid McGill’s is a private investigator in New York. His infallible instinct and inside knowledge of the crime world make him the ideal man to help when Phillip ‘Catfish’ Worry comes knocking. Catfish is a ninety-four-year old bluesman who needs Leonid’s help: deliver a letter revealing the black lineage of a wealthy heiress and her corrupt father. Leonid accepts the request. But when a famed and feared assassin puts a hit on Catfish, Leonid has no choice but to confront the ghost of his own felonious past.
Series: Leonid McGill mysteries #6
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These Women / Ivy Pochoda

In her masterful new novel, Ivy Pochoda creates a kaleidoscope of loss, power, and hope featuring five very different women whose lives are steeped in danger and anguish. They’re connected by one man and his deadly obsession, though not all of them know that yet.
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Saint X / Alexis Schaitkin

Saint X… is ostensibly about a young American girl who goes missing while on a family vacation in the Caribbean. The book also unpacks timely social and cultural issues – about grief, truth, white privilege, and our murder-as-entertainment culture.
(Also available in ebook and downloadable audiobook on Libby/OverDrive.)

Tie die / Max Tomlinson

In London’s swinging ’60s, Steve Cook was teen idol number one. But that changed when a sixteen-year-old fan was found dead in his hotel room bed. Steve’s career came to a halt after he was dumped by his record company and arrested. Now, in 1978 San Francisco, Steve works construction, still dreaming of a comeback. Until his eleven-year-old daughter is kidnapped. Steve turns to one person for help: Colleen Hayes. It doesn’t take Colleen long to realize something fishy is going on with the kidnapping of Melanie Cook. Colleen’s search takes her through San Francisco’s underbelly and all the way to ’70s London, where she discovers a thread leading back to the death of a forgotten fan in Steve’s hotel room.
Series: Colleen Hayes novels #2
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The lying club / Annie Ward

A tangled web of lies draws together three women in this explosive thriller of revenge, murder and shocking secrets at an elite private school nestled in the Colorado mountains, Natalie, an office assistant, dreams of having a life like the school moms she deals with every day. Women like Brooke–a gorgeous heiress, ferociously loving mother and serial cheater–and Asha, an overprotective mom who suspects her husband of having an affair. Their fates are bound by the handsome assistant athletic director Nicholas, whom Natalie loves, Brooke wants, and Asha needs. But when two bodies are carried out of the school one morning, it seems the tension between mothers and daughters, rival lovers, and the haves and have-nots has shattered the surface of this isolated, affluent town–where people stop at nothing to get what they want.
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