To the letter of the law

Learn about the Supreme Court, tax deductions or how to create a will. We have many books about the law, and they are waiting for you. Check out a law book today!

Selections for the Adult Services collection:

342.7302 BEE
Plain, honest men : the making of the American Constitution / Richard Beeman
In May 1787, in an atmosphere of crisis, delegates met in Philadelphia to design a radically new form of government. Distinguished historian Richard Beeman captures as never before the dynamic of the debate and the characters of the men who labored that historic summer. Virtually all of the issues in dispute—the extent of presidential power, and the nature of federalism. This unprecedented book takes readers behind the scenes to show how the world’s most enduring constitution was forged through conflict, compromise, and fragile consensus.

343.7306 FIS
Tax deductions for professionals : Pay Less to the IRS / Stephen Fishman, J.D.
Offers advice to licensed professionals who are subject to special tax rules on maximizing tax deductions, including deductions for start-up expenses, operating expenses, health care costs, travel expenses, and retirement plan contributions.

343.7309 BAN
Who owns the sky? : the struggle to control airspace from the Wright brothers on / Stuart Banner
In the summer of 1900, a zeppelin stayed aloft for a full eighteen minutes above Lake Constance and mankind found itself at the edge of a new world. Where many saw hope and the dawn of another era, one man saw a legal conundrum. Charles C. Moore, an obscure New York lawyer, began an inquiry that Stuart Banner returns to over a century later: in the age of airplanes, who can lay claim to the heavens?

346.052 QUI
Quicken WillMaker & Trust : book & software kit
Making an estate plan does not have to be difficult or expensive. With Quicken WillMaker & Trust it’s easy to make your will, trust, and many other estate planning documents at your own pace and without a lawyer.

347.73 REH
The Supreme Court / William H. Rehnquist.
Former Chief Justice Rehnquist’s engaging writing illuminates both the high and low points in the Court’s history, from Chief Justice Marshall’s dominance of the Court during the early nineteenth century through the landmark decisions of the Warren Court. Citing cases such as the Dred Scott decision and Roosevelt’s Court-packing plan, Rehnquist makes clear that the Court does not operate in a vacuum, that the justices are unavoidably influenced by their surroundings, and that their decisions have real and lasting impacts on our society. The public often hears little about the Supreme Court until decisions are handed down. Here, Rehnquist reveals its inner workings–the process by which cases are chosen, the nature of the conferences where decisions are made, and the type of debates that take place. With grace and wit, this incisive history gives a dynamic and informative account of the most powerful court in the nation and how it has shaped the direction America has taken.

Thurgood Marshall : his speeches, writings, arguments, opinions, and reminiscences / edited by Mark V. Tushnet
Much has been written about Thurgood Marshall, but this is the first book to collect his own words. Here are briefs he filed as a lawyer, oral arguments for the landmark school desegregation cases, investigative reports on race riots and racism in the Army, speeches and articles outlining the history of civil rights and criticizing the actions of more conservative jurists, Supreme Court opinions now widely cited in Constitutional law, a long and complete oral autobiography, and much more. Marshall’s impact on American race relations was greater than that of anyone else this century, for it was he who ended legal segregation in the United States. His victories as a lawyer for the NAACP broke the color line in housing, transportation, voting, and schools by overturning the long-established “separate-but-equal” doctrine. But Marshall was attentive to all social inequalities: no Supreme Court justice has ever been more consistent in support of freedom of expression, affirmative action, women’s rights, abortion rights, and the right to consensual sex among adults; no justice has ever fought so hard against economic inequality, police brutality, and capital punishment.

Selections from the Youth Services collection:

J346.73 POP
Copyright and digital ethics / Emily Popek.
Discusses copyright, its history, purpose, and copyright law, including fair use and public domain; also presents a discussion of online ethics, including such things as file sharing and user-generated content.

J347.731 ALE
Judicial branch / Vincent Alexander.
In this book, readers will learn about the judicial branch of the United States government. Vibrant, full-color photos and carefully leveled text will engage young readers as they learn more about how the judicial branch is structured and how it interprets laws to ensure that the federal government and society runs smoothly.

J347.7326 SCH
The U.S. Supreme Court / by Mari Schuh.
Do you know how many justices serve on the Supreme Court? Do you know how cases are decided? Find out the answers in The U.S. Supreme Court.

J347.7375 DEC
Serving on a jury / Sarah De Capua.
Looks at how a jury functions, how jurors are chosen, who is exempt from service, and what occurs in court.

J349.73 KIS
Rules and laws / by Ann-Marie Kishel.
This title offers emergent readers an introduction to the creation of and reasons for rules and laws at home, at school, and in the community.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg : iconic Supreme Court justice / James Roland.
Presents the life and accomplishments of the second woman justice named to the United States Supreme Court.

Who is Sonia Sotomayor? / Megan Stine
Describes the life and accomplishments of the United States Supreme Court justice.