Graphic novel cover art, of two women gazing at each other through a moving crowd.

Walk Me To the Corner


Walk Me To the Corner / Anneli Furmark; translated by Hanna Stromberg

Middle-aged and content with her life, Elise has a loving marriage with her husband, the joy of parenting her grown sons, and a fulfilling career. This cozy stability is upended when she meets Dagmar, a captivating physician with whom she makes an instant connection. Drawn inexplicably to each other, Elise and Dagmar begin a passionate affair that threatens both of their marriages and their self-concepts. As their lives crumble, Dagmar and Elise’s relationship struggles as well, weakening despite the desire that brings them together – from the guilt that drives them apart.

A solemn, sensitive portrayal of the conflicts of stability and excitement, denial and desire, and promises kept and broken.

EB: Oct2022