Album cover art for the album Wet Leg, by the band Wet Leg. Copyright is assumed to be owned by the original creators.

Wet Leg


Wet Leg / Wet Leg

The debut eponymous album that burst onto the music scene to critical acclaim! A chart-topping masterpiece by breakout stars Wet Leg, this witty and well-written set of songs is sure to bury itself in your ears and steal your heart.

Wet Leg is an eclectic collection of irreverent and emotional songs that consider carefully the absurdities of modern love, internet culture, and social pressures. At times harsh, at others heartfelt, the album endears itself to the listener with the earnestness, honesty, and raw talent of its production. With something for everyone–a little bit indie, a little bit grunge, a little bit new wave–this is a band to watch.