OverDrive, Inc., our eBook distributor, offers a free one-year membership to Bookshare to qualified patrons with print disabilities. The OverDrive program is called LEAP.

OverDrive pays for a one year access to over 80,000 books and magazines to patrons with a doctor-verified print disability.  Find out more here.
In addition, all of our OverDrive eBooks can be viewed in a special high-contrast setting to enhance their readability.
From your Account at the OverDrive MetroNet site, under Settings, select “High Contrast Option for Visually Impaired.”  Click “Save.”
By their very nature, eBooks and eAudiobooks are assets for people with visual and auditory issues.
eBooks, with their font-sizing capability, can extend a person’s reading capability far beyond even large-print conventional books.  Audiobooks of course can extend a reading life even farther.
Questions about using eBooks and eAudiobooks with low vision or hearing?  Contact Bloomfield Township Public Library, Adult Services at 248-642-5800 or askadult@btpl.org.