New in Teen Fiction – March 2019

Check out some of the latest Teen Fiction Books:

AWAKE IN THE WORLD / Jason Gurley – Zach’s father dies on an oil rig and he thinks he is headed toward a similar fate until he meets Vanessa, an optimistic and wealthy girl who wants to study astronomy.

THE BEAUTY OF THE MOMENT / Tanaz Bhathena – Sixteen-year-old Susan is the new girl in her Canadian high school, striving to meet her parents’ academic expectations, missing the friends she left behind in Saudi Arabia, dreaming of pursuing her passion for art, and secretly meeting with troublemaker Malcolm.

The Black Coats / Colleen Oakes – For years, the deeply secretive Black Coats have been exacting vengeance on men who hurt girls and women. And Thea has just received an invitation to join them. This is the opportunity she’s been waiting for to finally get justice for her cousin Natalie, whose killer went free. Thea dives headfirst into the group, training every day with other girls whose stories rival hers. Together, they carry out Balancings, acts of revenge guaranteed to teach a lesson. With every predator threatened, every blackmailer exposed, and every date rapist punished, Thea can feel herself getting closer to avenging Natalie’s death. But then the Balancings begin to escalate in brutality, and Thea discovers the Black Coats are not all they seem to be. Thea must decide just how far she’s willing to go for justice and what kind of justice Natalie, and Thea herself, deserve. Because when the line between justice and revenge is razor then, it’s hard not to get cut.

Bloodwitch / Susan Dennard – Aeduan joins forces with Iseult, a Threadwitch, and the magical girl, Owl, to stop a bloodthirsty horde of raiders from destroying a monastery that holds more than just faith, but to do so he must confront his own father–and his past.

COMICS WILL BREAK YOUR HEART / a novel by Faith Erin Hicks – Frustrated when her grandfather, the co-creator of a smash-hit comic series, loses its rights to his co-creator and leaves their family struggling, college hopeful Miriam fights her complicated feelings for the grandson of the man she believes defrauded her family.

Four dead queens / Astrid Scholte – Keralie is the best pickpocket in all of the kingdoms of Quadara, but when she steals a “comm disk” and realizes a royal murder plot is afoot, she must learn who to trust and fast.

The great unknowable end / Kathryn Ormsbee – Told in two voices, sixteen-year-old Galliard and seventeen-year-old Stella cross paths and realize they must determine their own futures as strange events occur in Slater, Kansas, and its neighboring commune in 1977.

Immoral code / Lillian Clark – Told from five viewpoints, high school friends Bellamy, Nari, Reese, Keagan, and Santiago team up to hack into Bellamy’s absentee billionaire father’s business accounts to skim enough money for her MIT tuition.

NICK AND JUNE WERE HERE / Shalanda Stanley – Told in two voices, Nick, a sometimes artist who steals cars to support his aunt, and June, who has been hiding her symptoms of schizophrenia, run away together.

OUR YEAR OF MAYBE / Rachel Lynn Solomon – Aspiring choreographer Sophie Orenstein, eighteen, wonders if seventeen-year-old Peter Rosenthal-Porter, gifted pianist, best friend, and secret crush, will love her back after receiving her kidney.

The past and other things that should stay buried / by Shaun David Hutchinson – Dino and July, seventeen, are granted time to resolve what was left unfinished between them after July’s sudden death, one year after their friendship ended over Dino’s new relationship.

RAYNE & DELILAH’S MIDNITE MATINEE / Jeff Zentner – Told in two voices, Josie and Delia struggle with growing up and growing apart as they face tough decisions about their post-high school futures and the fate of their weekly cable television show.

SORRY NOT SORRY / Jaime Reed – Janelle Pruitt is into activism and causes, her former best friend Alyssa is just into herself and her “group” of self-absorbed teenagers; but then Alyssa collapses, and it turns out that diabetes has ravaged her body as badly as the recent hurricane ravaged their town and now she is in urgent need of a kidney transplant–Janelle signs up for the donor program, but when it turns out that she is an excellent match for Alyssa she is faced with a terrifying and life-changing decision: just how far does a former friendship require you to go.

THE WEIGHT OF A THOUSAND FEATHERS / by Brian Conaghan – Seventeen-year-old Bobby Seed, the devoted but exhausted primary caregiver for his terminally-ill mother and difficult younger brother, finds respite in a support group and good friends, but must face his mother’s impossible choice alone.

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