Mod inspired design

Teen Book Cover Graphic Design Contest

Calling all Artists! Bring your mad editing skills to life and create a new Mod-style book cover for your favorite book! The winning design(s) will be awarded a gift card prize and library swag with the winning book cover(s).

  • Mod-style can be defined as “less is more”, with clean, simple lines, geometric influences, and a limited color palette. Sometimes referred to as Mid-Century, Mid-Mod Design, or Retro.
  • Contest is open to all teens, age 12-18. Teen is not required to be a TAB member to submit design.
  • Teen Advisory Board (TAB) members will vote on design contest winners. Best of luck!

Entries will be accepted anytime between March 4 through April 4, 2024 & are limited to 5 submissions per person.

Please send submissions and/or questions by email to Include your name, email address & phone number.

Recommended creative platforms are Canva, Shutterstock or Adobe, however, designs from all creative studios are accepted provided they can be submitted using the following guidelines:

Front Cover Parameters

Include title of book and author name.

Back cover design not required.

Keep text from being too close to edge.

Digital File Parameters

Preferred file types: .jpeg or .png.

Image size should be 1410 x 2250 px.

Digital cover art/photos must be at least 300 dpi or vector art.

Avoid enlarging photos.

RGB (best for digital) color mode.

Unacceptable Content

AI generated book covers.

Print copies.

Low resolution images.

Images/photos from the internet, as these images are often copyright protected.

Not sure where to start? Check out these sites for inspiration:

MOD designs: An exploration of the art style

How to create a book cover design with Canva

8 Top Book Cover Design Trends


MOD style design with one eye
hand and crystals with butterfly and stars
antique car facing  a forest
green cover with window viewing trees, the sky and dinosaurs
tall person walking on earth towards space
walking camera with hands
painted colors
4 different teens in various poses