Binge / Tyler Oakley

Meet Tyler Oakley: A “one-of-a-kind”, gay, LGBTQ+ activist, vlogger and YouTube star with 21 million social media followers who renamed himself Tyler to avoid “branding” at an early age. Chances are you already know who he is. For the first time, Tyler opens up about stories that haven’t been shared online: family, failed relationships, and embarrassing moments. Tons of embarrassing moments. OK, honestly, this book is about 98% embarrassing…But that’s ok because Tyler is ok with who he is and wants you to laugh right along with him as you go on this journey with him. Binge is not just a book filled with hilarious essays, it is a true and witty account of Tyler’s personal and entertaining moments in life that show what can happen when you take chances and push boundaries. Readers who want an uplifting, yet personal take on Tyler’s life and his experiences will enjoy this encouraging and authentic look inside one man’s journey to finding himself.


Reviewer :JJ, 1/7/19

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