Multi-colored lettering and origami boats on a black background for teen books black history month


Explore the heritage, culture, & experiences of Black lives at the at the library! Browse our display in the library or click on books below to learn more!

book jacket portraying girl with braided hair and colorful clothing jewelry and face paint
book jacket of teen book with girl in a dance pose with swirling colors circulating around her arms
young man with left side of face and upper body submerged in water in a forest
two male teens in blue and red looking in opposite directions
book jacket displaying night and day with girl and boy embracing and looking at one another; flowers
Dignifiedly dressed couple in yellow clothing with city landscape and 3 girls in the background
teen guy looking at girl wearing headphones laying opposite one another wearing purple shirts
book jacket displaying topical view of beach and ocean waves coming in with a few umbrellas open on beach
girls with hoop earrings wearing sunglasses showing palm trees on fire
book jacket with photo of 6 people in front of a brick building; 4 people appear to be military while the other two are in casual wear
book jacket with mixed media background including various colors, brick walls, a bike, with a male teen on the cover
book jacket with 4 girls in late 1800's wear posing for a picture in front of a shrub and large yellow house
book jacket with multi-color background, three teens on cover and one parental figure
White book jacket with male teen face and fist with a swooshing graphic indicating a moving fist
book jacket with three teens on cover; two are full color while the teen in the middle is all white with lettering on them and displaying the book title Color me in

JJ: February 1, 2023

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