Hearts and cupcake on a red and pink background announcing teen books about love & friendship.

Teen books – Love & Friendship

Discover some new teen books about all kinds of Love & Friendship! Browse our display in the library or click on the books below to learn more!

Also, visit us for the Crafting Conversations club where we will be creating fun Valentine-themed ceramic pieces! Club meets on Wednesday, February 8 at 4:30 p.m. Register here.

Cover of book with girl thinking and head in the clouds
Crafty items and books with a love theme advertising the teen crafting conversations book club
Pink and green book cover with 2 teens walking down a path towards a school
Book cover with girl wearing glasses and long hair standing in front of flowers and leaves
two teens skateboarding down a street past colorful houses towards the water
two teens standing back to back in front of shelves of books
two teens laying face-to-face in opposite directions surrounded by cosplay costume designs
blue floral background with various pink flowers in center of book
three teens together with one holding a flower and another holding a guitar
large arrow pointing to top of book book cover and sun
purple book jacket with girl sitting on suitcase surrounded by picture, flowers and other various travel paraphernalia
book jacket with girl staring dreamily off to the side sitting in front of a laptop computer and cupcake
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