three teens overlooking water, a lighthouse and an island

The Great Big One / J.C. Geiger

A novel about what kind of life is worth living: one consumed with preparing for survival, or one that revels in the beauty of the world

What are other teens saying?

  • Great writing, intriguing story. A fun read!
  • I loved the vibe!
  • The climax was very interesting – bordering on “um…what?” and took an unexpected but exciting turn that I never saw coming.

Everyone in Clade City knows the Great Big One is coming–a tsunami guaranteed to decimate the West Coast and sink their small coastal town. Nuclear strikes seem increasingly likely. Wildfires. Solar flares, and a growing chance of apocalyptic horsemen. So Griff and the Lost Coast Preppers will be ready. Canning. Stockpiling. Monitoring radio signals. To survive, one must expect the unexpected. But the songs catch Griff and even his twin Leo by surprise.

What begins as a striking moment becomes a competition between Griff and Leo that divides the brothers: Griff toward music and Chastity, a striking new girl with an angelic voice; Leo toward his late-night prepping missions and stealing Chastity’s attention away from Griff.

But when a mission to track the source of the music alters the course of Griff’s understanding of life, which will win out: hope or fear?

 Available in Teen Fiction.

JJ: Sept 29, 2021

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