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The Peach Rebellion / Wendelin Van Draanen

A historical tale of friendship, family, and the power of sisterhood to help heal the wounds of the past and step boldly into the future of post-WWII America.

Ginny Rose and Peggy were best friends at seven, picking peaches on hot summer days. Peggy’s family owned the farm, and Ginny Rose’s were pickers, escaping the Oklahoma dust storms. That didn’t matter to them then, but now, ten years, hard miles, and a world war later, Ginny Rose’s family is back in town and their differences feel somehow starker. Especially since Peggy’s new best friend, Lisette, is a wealthy banker’s daughter.

Still, there’s no denying what these girls have in common—families with great fissures that are about to break wide open.

So when Ginny Rose imagines a radical plan to try to heal the rift in her family, these three not-quite-friends come together to see it through. They sense that this is a moment for them all—to prove they have the power to make things happen. To know that they can build better futures for themselves in a changing world. (Goodreads)

What others are saying:

“…Speaks to my hopeful and positive belief in the human spirit and the goodness of people…”

“I was absolutely blown away. I can tell it will be one of my favorite reads of the year…”

“This story will captivate you from the heartrending Prologue to the insightful, inspiring words on the last page…”

Available in Teen Fiction.  

JJ: July 18, 2022

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