The Project / Courtney Summers

What are other teens saying?

  • Brave, raw, exciting and wise

  • A compelling book about the lengths to which someone will go in order not to lose their sense of belonging.

  • Lost for words…OMG what a book!
Lo Denham barely survived the car accident that killed her parents. Her sister, Bea, credits her miraculous recovery to Lev Warren, leader of the Unity Project, an outwardly innocuous religious group that performs acts of service and community outreach. Bea gives up everything to join them. Years after being abandoned by her sister, Lo—who works as an assistant at an investigative magazine—follows in her path, desperate to uncover the truth behind the Project and to save her sister. With promises of atonement, redemption, and salvation, Lev’s message begins to penetrate Lo’s skepticism—how far will she go to get the real story? And once she discovers it, can she bear what it may reveal? 

Available in Teen Fiction.

JJ: Nov 18, 2021

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