Your life has been delayed / Michelle I. Mason

Past and present, friends and crushes collide in a YA debut about a girl who takes off on a flight and lands 25 years later.

What are other teens saying?

  • This book has some sci-fi, some social media angst, a little romance, and a lot of heart.
  • It was such a fun read!
  • This was a really fantastic trip into the “future”, with a lot of interesting homages to the 1990s

After landing from her flight in taken in 1995, Jenny Waters learns that she and the other passengers disappeared . . . 25 years ago. Everyone thought they were dead.

Now contending with her family and friends fast-forwarding decades, Jenny must quickly adjust to smartphones and social media while being the biggest story to hit the internet. She feels betrayed by her once-best friend and fights her attraction to a cute boy with an uncomfortable connection to her past. Meanwhile, there’s a growing group of conspiracy theorists determined to prove the whole situation is a hoax. Will Jenny figure out how to move forward, or will she always be stuck in the past?

 Available in Teen Fiction.

JJ: Sept 22, 2021

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