April is National Poetry Month

Check out this selection of poetry books available to download or come in and visit us for many more on the shelves!

Moonlit scene with a racoon, moth, fox, bats, and a mountain lion.
A girl sits between a turtle with a squirrel on its back and a raccoon.  There are also a unicorn and gnome.  All are writing in books.
Image of an adult and juvenile giraffe nuzzling.
A bird's nest has three blue eggs in it, surrounded by green leaves and blue flowers.
Many people sit on the floor reading.  Several are wearing headphones.
An apartment building with many windows and balconies show people greeting each other.
A boy, a girl, and a dog peer over the edge of a sidewalk that ends over a crevasse.
Yellow book cover with red decorative vines.
A person surrounded by an apple peel, spiraling away.