Poster featuring school supplies like pencils, scissors, crayons, and paper.

Back to School E-books

It’s almost here – the beginning of a new school year! These are a few of the hundreds of books on going to school that are available online to borrow. We have even more as physical books in the Youth Department, so come visit!

Book cover of Isabel and Her Colores Go to School, featuring a little girl wearing a backpack that has a rainbow and flowers pouring out of it.
Book cover of Take Your Pet to School Day, with a school bus containing smiling children, pets, and an overwhelmed bus driver.
Book cover for The School Book, featuring a school with an alien looking out one window, a teacher looking out the other, and three children with their arms around each other.
Book cover for Danbi Leads the School Parade, with a young girl in pigtails, holding a magic wand, and wearing a polka dot skirt, with school supplies spread around her on the ground.
Book cover for Katie Woo Loves School featuring a young girl wearing glasses and a backpack, with her arms full of books.
Book cover for Hope: Project Middle School, features two girls waving to each other in front of a bank of lockers, while a boy stands in the background with his arms crossed.
Book cover for Babymouse: Tales from the Locker:  Lights, Camera, Middle School featuring a cartoon mouse wearing heart-shaped sunglasses smiling at herself in a locker mirror.
Book cover for Sideways Stories from Wayside School showing a school with four windows.  One window has a teacher balancing an apple on one finger.  Another window has a boy pulling a girl's braid.  A third window has someone sleeping and the fourth window has someone bundled into a puffer coat with only their eyes showing.
Book cover for Surviving Middle School, showing a red pair of Converse-style sneakers.