"celebrate pride with LGBTQIA+ books" written over a pink background with a rainbow, a transgender flag heart, and a rainbow heart with disability symbol

Celebrate Pride

June is Pride month, a time to celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community. Visit the library and check out our display of stories by and about members of the LGBTQIA+ community or browse our digital display below!

a black woman holds a black baby in a wrap and holds hands with a white woman. a black child holding a paper with a heart walks in front of them on a rainbow road
book title "the best at it" written over teal background with a football, school supplies, polaroid photos, and a camera surrounding an Indian boy with glasses reaching for a trophy
"from archie to zack" written above a young white boy and a young black boy walking together and holding hearts with a school and a tree in the background
"introducing teddy a gentle story about gender and friendship" written over a blue background. a brown and white bear looks in a mirror holding a bow tie. the reflection
"small town pride" written over a blue and pink cover with houses on a street in the background. different colored swirls surround a white boy with brown hair is in the foreground
"cinderelliot a scrumptious fairytale" written on a yellow banner above a 3 tier chocolate cake. a black boy and a white boy hold hands while looking at each other in the foreground
"the rainbow parade" written in rainbow colors over a white background with rainbow confetti. a blonde white girl holds hands with a brown-haired white woman and a blonde white woman
"almost flying" written above a red roller coaster and blue tracks. two girls are holding hands in the front row
"sam is my sister" written over a white background with the sun and planets hanging. three white children sit in a box decorated to look like a rocket.
"this is our rainbow" written over a pale yellow background surrounded by kids of various genders and races
"melissa" written in rainbow letters over a white background. a person's forehead is visible inside the letter a