Fizzy Pots

Science at Home: Fizzy Chemical Reaction

Make your own fun chemical reaction using some supplies from your kitchen or pick up a kit (while supplies last) at the library. You can also watch Ms. Patricia walk through this fun and messy experiment on our Vimeo Channel or by clicking on this link:  Fizzy Pot of Gold

Supplies:  Paper towels/newspaper, cookie sheet with edges (to contain the mess!), small container, baking soda, vinegar, dish soap, water, spoon/craft stick

Optional items:  Food coloring/washable paint & glitter/confetti

Directions:  Line your baking sheet/tray with newspaper or paper towel. Fill your small container with water about 80% full and place it on top of the tray.  Add a tablespoon of baking soda, and a squirt of dish soap.  (You can put in food coloring/washable paint and/or glitter and confetti now too!) Use a spoon or a craft stick to mix it all together.

The last step is to pour the vinegar into the container and watch it fizz up!

***** You can make a fizzy rainbow!  Use several small containers and use a different food coloring in each!

Be sure to have fun and clean up your mess!