Bookshelf with "Who Was/Is" series in the middle

Who Was/Is Biographies Are Moving

Due to the demand of the Who Was/Is biography series, and the amount of titles in the series itself (there are almost 200 books in this series so far), we have moved all the Who Was/Is biographies to their own location in our juvenile biography section! We hope this makes it easier for children who love the series to explore new people to learn about.

Typically, biographies are shelved by the last name of the person they are about. For example, no matter who writes a book about Abraham Lincoln, all books about him would be shelved as JB LINCOLN in the youth room. But with the Who Was/Is biographies, we’ve moved these books under their series title. They will be found in the youth room in the biographies section under JB WHO.

If you are having trouble locating the section or finding the person you would like to read about, please see a librarian at the desk and we would be happy to assist you. Happy reading!