Little Pim panda bear holding American, Chinese, Spanish, French, Japanese, and Italian flags

World Languages Databases

Is your child hoping to learn a new language this year? Or perhaps your are looking for your child to retain what they’ve already learned. We have some great online tools to help!

Panda bear holding Italian, Japanese, French, Spanish, Chinese, and American flags. Text reads Little Pim fun with languages.

Little Pim An online language learning system for ages 0-6, provided through Mango Languages. It’s the fun, easy, and effective way for younger kids to learn a foreign language! Watch videos, listen to pronunciations, and read the language. Languages available are Korean, Levantine Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, English, French, German, Modern Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, and Latin American Spanish.

Text reads mango languages

Mango Languages Learn a new language with Mango Languages! Great for adults and older children. More language choices simply by searching for a language. Includes videos, listening to pronunciations, and reading the language.

We also have a dedicated foreign language collection in the library, and there are some foreign language materials available on Hoopla that you can find by typing in the language you are looking for. And as always, if you’re stumped, you can always ask a librarian for help! Bonne chance!