Gale Courses - Exams

Prepare for your SAT or LSAT, with a free course from the Library. Classes begin the third Wednesday of every month, except November and December, they begin on the second Wednesday.

Testing & Education Reference Center

Build a solid foundation for your future by achieving success in high school, college and graduate school. is the world's largest and highest-rated online learning service. The community of more than 3,100 professional experts has delivered more than 14 million one-to-one tutoring and professional development sessions in a proprietary online classroom optimized for learning, since 2001.

Writer's Reference Center

Writer's Reference Center provides users with a convenient one-stop location for all of the tools necessary to write and research effectively. From the mechanics of writing and grammar to style and research, this indispensable online resource thoroughly covers the fundamentals of quality writing, provides a wealth of vocabulary-building dictionaries, and presents a step-by-step guide to writing a good essay. An in-depth grammar section defines grammatical terms and gives examples of use, while another section explores writing style.

Learning Express Library

The Learn-A-Test online test collection provides test preparation materials and interactive practice exams based on official tests. Helps individuals improve scores on academic, civil service, military and professional licensing and certifications. Provides immediate scoring, complete answer explanations, and individualized analysis of scores.