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Parenting Collection, drawing of two parents and two children.

Parenting Collection

Materials for parents and caregivers of all ages, from expecting a baby to the tween years and beyond. We have books tackling subjects like nutrition, online safety, behavior regulation, and more. Browse our books and magazines in our Parenting (and Caregiver) Collection.

Parenting Online Resources

Parenting Online Resources

Looking for fun things to do with your kids?  Below are links to websites that will inspire you to read, craft, and explore with your kids! These are not created by the library but you may find some useful information and fun stuff here.

Photo of a turquoise message board with the word HOMESCHOOLING spelled on it. On top of the board is blue binder clip, a pencil sharpener, post it notes, and a pencil.

Homeschooling Resources

Here are some useful websites on homeschooling. These websites are not endorsed by the library but may provide you with useful information on laws and regulations, curriculum, subject guides, and much more.

We also have two quarterly published homeschooling magazines available in our Teaching Collection:  Old Schoolhouse & Practical Homeschooling.


Birmingham-Bloomfield Preschool Directory 2023 is written in orange above a drawing of a tree with a brown trunk and colorful letters of the alphabet as leaves.

2023 Birmingham Bloomfield Preschool Directory

You can access the Directory by clicking HERE. Local preschools are contacted every year to update the information in this directory.