Our Collection

A purple handheld toy with an apple tree background on the toy's screen.


Our toy collection contains toys, games, and assistive technology that encourage cognitive, motor, visual, auditory, and social development. Some toys are adaptive with built-in or optional capability switches that allow youth with fine motor difficulties to manipulate the toy with a slight touch. We also offer a variety of capability switches for checkout.

Close up of backpack with label Bloomfield Township Public Library Discovery Skills Kit

Discovery Skills Kits

Check out these “all-in-one” kits to go! Take a look at our picture binder on the DS Kit shelves to see what’s inside each kit or check out the contents on the catalog listing. These all-in-one skills kits in a backpack contain 4 – 8 books, small toys, games and manipulatives pertaining to a concept or life skill. Multisensory reinforcement especially helpful for visual and tactile learners.

Things to Wear speech card set.

Speech and Language Cards

This collection of photo and illustrated cards is helpful for developing oral motor skills, fluency, receptive and expressive language, comprehension and social skills.

Stack the Cats book with activity sheet and manipulatives.

Story Boxes

These boxes contain a picture book and manipulatives representing characters and items in the story for kids to touch / feel while listening. These are especially helpful for kids with visual and language disabilities. The manipulatives give meaning to the words in the story, which supports comprehension and allows tactile learners to experience the story hands-on.

Book cover for Understanding Cerebral Palsy: a Guide for Parents and Professionals


Fiction – From picture books to chapter books, we offer stories about youth with various disabilities for self-identification, awareness, and acceptance.

Non-Fiction – This collection of resource books covers various accessibility and disability topics such as autism, Down syndrome, learning disabilities, inclusion, IEPs (Individual Education Plans) and much, much, more.

Cover of ADDitude magazine


Magazines covering current disability topics are available for check-out.

Read with Me Signed Story DVD set cover

Signed Story Kits

These kits contain picture books and a DVD of the story signed in American Sign Language (ASL).

How Do I Feel? interactive book cover

Interactive Books

These books allow the reader to build simple sentences by attaching picture cards to the open squares on each sentence page. Improves reading skills, speech development, fine motor coordination and other skills.

Book cover for Is it Big or Is it Little. A black mouse stares at a large red circle.

Low Vision Books

Why are these books geared to youth with low vision? Many children with low vision need materials presented in high-contrast in order to visually process them with accuracy. These books have simple (less busy), high-contrast illustrations for youth with low vision to engage with picture books.

hands reading Braille

Braille Books

Check out our Braille books collection for youth of all ages, including tactile-illustrated Braille books.

Book cover for Wishtree. A bird looks up at a large tree with ribbons tied around it.

Large Print Books

For youth who have difficulty reading smaller print, we offer popular chapter books in larger print for kids in grades 2 – 8. This collection is currently located across from the Hi-Lo collection.

Book cover for Web. A person stands over a soccer ball with hands in pockets.

Hi Lo Books

Hi-Lo = High interest, Low readability. Hi-Lo books are age-respectful fiction and non-fiction books that will engage older readers’ interest level with more accessible text. The Youth Hi-Lo collection is currently located across from the Large Print collection.

Loving Lamposts documentary DVD cover


Our collection of DVDs includes sign language instruction and signed stories on DVD, as well as DVDs covering other disability topics and therapeutic activities such as social skills and yoga.

Bean Bag and Ball Play CD cover

Music / Activity CDs

These CDs include activities and music geared toward kids with disabilities.

Boardmaker CD ROM cover


These visual and game programs are developed for teachers, caregivers, and youth with disabilities.