Image of a Bloomfield Township Public Library card

Are you a Resident of Bloomfield Township? Anyone who lives, owns property or works in Bloomfield Township and is planning to visit the library to get their first full access library card can apply online. Click on Apply for a Library Card to learn more.

New to Bloomfield Township or don’t have a library card and want to check out what the Library has to offer virtually? Apply for a Bloomfield Township Public Library eCard. Anyone who lives or owns property in Bloomfield Township and does not currently have a library card can apply online for an eCard. Click below on Apply for an eCard to learn more.

Not a Bloomfield Township Resident? If you live within The Library Network (TLN) service area, you may register for a card at your home library first and then bring your home library card and a photo ID to register here. Click on Register a Nonresident Card to find out about registering your home library card online at Bloomfield Township Public Library.

Nonresidents who are not covered by a reciprocal borrowing agreement and do not live within The Library Network service area are welcome to visit and browse BTPL’s collections, attend certain public events or programs, and use BTPL guest computers for a limited amount of time subject to BTPL policies and procedures but may not borrow books or other materials or be entitled to other limited or restricted library services.