We Stand Divided: the rift between American Jews & Israel. / Daniel Gordis

The ongoing relationship between American and Israeli Jews has been forefront in the news.  Their relationship has fluctuated between supportive to adversarial.  This book offers a solution to improving relationships and is worth reading.

May 12, 2021: MP…


Five 2021 Best Picture Nominees Now Available

Looking for 2021 Best Picture Nominees? You can now place holds on or checkout the following five films. Check back later as the other three nominees  have yet to be released on DVD, but we will order them as soon as they are….

May New Movies 8x11

New DVDs: May 2021

The library gets new movie releases every month including feature films, documentaries, foreign language films, and new television series.  Check out what’s coming to the library in May. Place holds or give us a call to reserve copies.
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Feature Films

Chaos Walking
Cosmic Sin
Fast Times at Ridgemont High (Criterion Collection)
The Father

Ths Odp 2

Open Door Policy / The Hold Steady

After seven albums, some bands may find it hard to find inspiration and keep going but The Hold Steady return to form with the rejoining of their keyboardist. On “Open Door Policy”, the backdrop provided by the musicians  couples perfectly with lead singer Craig Finn’s storytelling (more than straight verse-chorus-verse) sing-speaking style, practically picking up where the left off when the keyboardist initially left the band in 2010….


2021 Grammy Nominees on CD

Here’s a list of selected music CDs that are nominated for the Grammy Awards this year. Click on the title links to view further details and to place holds or check them out….