2021 Grammy Nominees on CD

Here’s a list of selected music CDs that are nominated for the Grammy Awards this year. Click on the title links to view further details and to place holds or check them out.

Album of the Year

Black pumas / Black Pumas

Chilombo / Jhené Aiko

Djesse Vol….

Holy Motors

Holy Motors

“Why hasn’t everyone seen the French film “Holy Motors”?  It’s available in our Kanopy collection. It’s a fantasy in the best sense of the word—a surreal, extravagant, hilarious and philosophical statement.  It’s one day in the life of Monsieur Oscar, brilliantly played by Denis Lavant.   Oscar is driven in a limousine by “Celine” to nine “appointments” where he is inexplicably transformed by makeup and costume into nine completely different characters. …

Copy Of Killers Cd Review

Imploding the Mirage / The Killers

Fans of The Killers’ third album Day & Age will find a new love in Imploding the Mirage—and those who haven’t heard either album will discover a triumphant world of synth and driving drumbeats in the band’s sixth album. Exploring the otherworldly musicality of their previous works, The Killers have once again delivered a set of songs with a space-age sound and down-to-earth lyrics….



Try the movie “Wildlife,” on DVD.  It’s a beautiful but painful drama of a marriage in the 1960’s, with great performances by Carey Mulligan and Jake Gyllenhaal.

14-year-old Joe is the only child of Jeanette and Jerry — a housewife and a golf pro — in a small town in Montana. When Jerry loses his job, he impulsively decides to join the cause of fighting a nearby forest fire,…

Movies On Kanopy

Silent Films on Kanopy / various

Explore some of the earliest surviving films from the Silent Era available on Kanopy.  With Kanopy, you may check out 16 titles a month with your library card.  Look for the Kanopy app on your smart tv.

Metropolis (1927)
Perhaps the most famous and influential of all silent films, METROPOLIS had for 75 years been seen only in shortened or truncated versions….