Album cover art for the album Wet Leg, by the band Wet Leg. Copyright is assumed to be owned by the original creators.

Wet Leg


Wet Leg / Wet Leg

The debut eponymous album that burst onto the music scene to critical acclaim! A chart-topping masterpiece by breakout stars Wet Leg,…

Cover art for Dance Fever by the artist Florence and the Machine. Cover art and imagery is believed to belong to the label, Republic and Virgin EMI, or the graphic artist(s).

Dance Fever


Dance Fever / Florence + The Machine

The band’s fifth studio album departs from the softer, more introspective tones of its predecessor High As Hope;

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Side-Eye NYC (V1.IV) / Pat Metheny

The curiously-titled “Side-Eye NYC (V1.IV)” is the iconic jazz guitarist’s second independent release (via BMG) after his decades-long partnership with Warner Music Group….

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Bull (2020)
In a near-abandoned subdivision west of Houston,…