"Teen books from a galaxy far, far away" illustration of a space alien.

Teen books from a Galaxy far, far away…

We are traveling to a place far, far away! Experience teen books about Space, Aliens, Galactic enterprises & anything Sci-Fi!

Origin : a Lux novel / Jennifer L. Armentrout
After the successful but disastrous raid on Mount Weather, Daemon searches for Katy who becomes surrounded by members of Daedalus with their frightening agenda….

yellow figure standing in an illuminated white box in a dark room

Boy in a white room / Karl Olsberg

A gripping YA sci-fi thriller by German and Spiegel-bestselling author, Karl Olsberg. The Boy in a White Room was nominated for Germany’s most prestigious youth fiction award in 2018.

A fifteen-year-old boy wakes to find himself locked in a white, cube-shaped room. No windows. No doors. Total silence. He has no memories. No clue how he got there….

teen book jacket for "Two truths and a lie" by April Henry includes two blue eye and mouth and hotel sign

Two truths and a lie / April Henry

For fans of Jessican Goodman and Karen M. McManus, Two truths and a lie tells a chilling story about a group of teens who are trapped in an old motel with a murderer.

Nell has always wanted to be an actor, but doubts her ability. As a member of her school’s theater program, she prefers working backstage….

"who we were in the dark by Jessica Taylor" Book cover shows three people swimming in a lake at sunset.

Who we were in the dark / Jessica Taylor

For fans of Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls and Genuine Fraud, this coming-of-age story with a dash of mystery/thriller asks, How do you find someone you never really knew?

Donner Lake is famous for its dazzling waters, dramatic mountains, and the travelers trapped there long ago who did unspeakable things to survive. But for lonely Nora Sharpe, Donner was where a girl named Grace glided into her life one night and exploded her world….

girl on cover of book with glasses reflecting a different girl

The Agathas / Kathleen Glasgow & Liz Lawson

Who killed Brooke Donovan? It’s the biggest mystery of the summer, and everyone in Castle Cove thinks they know what happened. But they’re wrong. Two unlikely friends come together to solve the case in this fast-paced, fun, modern Agatha Christie inspired thriller.

Last summer, Alice Ogilve’s basketball-star boyfriend Steve dumped her. Then she disappeared for five days. Where she went and what happened to her is the biggest mystery in Castle Cove,…