Game Changer / Neal Shusterman

Ash is a football (rugby) player. Each time he takes a hit on the field, his life changes. He moves into another dimension, and keeps on bouncing through worlds that are slightly different from his previous reality.

At first, his changes are small and insignificant. However, they quickly turn into universes where society is stuck in the past and he finds himself looking at life with through an entirely different lens….


Where the road leads us / Robin Reul

This summer, join us and other teens in our community who are reading Where the road leads us by Robin Reul. Available in book format as well as an ebook on Hoopla, this title counts double in your summer reading Beanstack account!

Told in separate voices, Jack and Hallie,…

Bright Shining

Bright Shining World – **latest teen booktalk** / Josh Swiller

A father with a suspicious, secretive job…suddenly having uproot and move constantly…a new town that seems to be struck by an outbreak of inexplicable hysterics…all these things are just supposed to be considered “normal” for Wallace Cole. However, when things in his new town go from disturbing to worse: trees appear to be talking to people; a school bully, the principal,…

Funny Girl

Pretty funny for a girl **teen booktalk** / Rebecca Elliott

“This book is filled with loveable characters, witty dialogue and proper LOLS which made recording the audiobook hard – because I kept giggling!” Sharon Rooney

Find out more about ‘Pretty Funny for a Girl’ in the Teen Booktalk with Jamie!…

Hostile Territory

Hostile Territory / Paul Greci

In Paul Greci’s Hostile Territory, a catastrophic earthquake strands four teens in the Alaskan wilderness—and leaves them without a civilization to return to.

Josh and three other campers at Simon Lake are high up on a mountain when an earthquake hits. The rest of the camp is wiped out in a moment—leaving Josh, Derrick, Brooke,…