Donations are now accepted daily during library open hours. Please bring books to the Donation Room on the west side of the building. Park in front of the dumpster and follow the signs. Carts are available to use in the Donation Room.


Special occasion?  Milestone event?  No matter what the occasion is – a holiday, birthday, anniversary, wedding, new baby, housewarming or just to say thank you – let us help you give a meaningful gift through “Tributes”.  By giving a Tribute gift, you express the value you place on reading, learning, and your public library.

How do you request a Tribute?  It’s easy.  Just click on the link below to the Tribute form, complete the information, and send it into the Library with your donation.  Tribute forms also are available in the Library.



Perhaps you are one of the many library visitors who have considered donating in support of the library.  The Library’s operating funds provide for purchasing books, movies, and other library materials.  But art and gardens, special collections, and world-renown speakers are outside of what the budget can provide.  You can make a difference with your donation.

You may also donate online.

All gifts to the Bloomfield Township Public Library are acknowledged promptly.  Gifts of $1,000 or more will be acknowledged with an engraving of the donor’s name in the Library’s Book of Recognition, displayed in the Library lobby.

Substantial gifts of $5,000 or more will receive a small scale reproduction of Quest in bronze, the Library’s lobby sculpture.

Major gifts of $10,000 or more may be acknowledged with a modest plaque or similar recognition at the discretion of the Library’s Board of Trustees.

Your gift to the Library may allow you to be eligible for a federal income tax deduction and a Michigan tax credit.  Please consult with your tax advisor for your specific benefit.


Make a lasting gift to literacy and reading.  Gift planning is a way to express your belief in the value of reading, learning, and your public library AND earn a tax credit.  Gift planning can take many forms – monetary donations, stock, real estate, and other property, bequests, retirement plans, or business interests.  Please click on our gift planning brochure below for additional information.  To discuss a planned gift and to learn more about the tax credit,  please contact the Library Director, Tera Moon, at  (248) 642-5800.

Gift Planning


The Library greatly appreciates your donations of gently used books and media of all types to the Friends of the Library.  Clean out your closets and basements, your bookshelves and cabinets and bring your donations to the Library!  Magazines, vinyl records, condensed books, encyclopedias, VHS or cassette tapes, self-taped video or audio tapes, and sets such as the Time-Life or American Heritage are not accepted.  Donations to the Friends generate funding for the Friends who financially support many Library projects, collections, and programs.

Donations are tax-deductible – check with your tax advisor as to the value of your donation.

Our book donation room is open every hour the Library is.  It is located on the west side of the Library, just a short walk down the sidewalk to the staff and delivery entrances.  For your convenience, five-minute parking is permitted in the delivery zone before the black gates. Carts are available in the donation room to help you transport books from your car to the donation room.  To receive an acknowledgment of your donation, please complete a donor receipt card, self-address it and leave it in the box provided in this room

Your donations are greatly appreciated!