large rubber duck

The Great Library Duck Hunt

June 20 – August 11

You may be asking – What’s with all the Ducks???

The inspiration came from a cute gesture by a girl named Abby – who simply wanted to make other people smile on board her family vacation cruise ships – and it now spans several Facebook groups with hundreds of thousands of members. The groups encourage people to share photos of the ducks they plan to hide as well as ducks they’ve found. Think of it a bit like geocaching, but simpler – and with DUCKS!

This summer, BTPL has taken that idea and created our own version of Abby’s idea – and Wha-La! #BTPLDucks ! As you visit the library this summer, you may find a rubber duck peeking out from random hiding places, beckoning library patrons to pick them up and read their accompanying information tags. Perhaps you’ll find one hidden behind a plant by the Doe Family or another carefully placed somewhere in the computer room by one of our fun Librarians.

Teens will have several opportunities throughout Summer Reading to find ducks from the library to share with others, including 3 planned “Duck Hunts” & random “Drop-in Duck Hunts”.

Even though the events are specifically planned for Teens, everyone including Children & Adults, can participate in the fun by finding #BTPLDucks and re-hiding!

What to do if you find a Library Duck

If you find a library duck, the next step is simple.

  1. Show off your duck by posting with #BTPLDucks on social media, or email any photos to (Please note that your photo may be used for our website or on our social media accounts)
  2. Keep or hide, you decide:
    • Keep it as a fun memento, or
    • Hide it with this tag to show how far your duck has traveled & give someone else a smile!
    • If you choose to, you can take a photo of yourself with the duck (or of just the duck) that you’ve found and send it to the email. Feel free to provide information such as your name, the name of the person/family who hid it, where it was found, etc., but it is not necessary. Our librarians may select your photo(s) to post to our website or social media page!

You can add your name to the original tag if you choose to re-hide, or you can pick up a new tag to fill out, or even make your own! Extra tags will be available at the Adult Services desk at the library all through Summer Reading. You can add your name to the original/new tag if you choose to re-hide.

Hiding rubber ducks is a fun way to make someone smile & connect with other people in the community. Whatever you decide to do with your duck finds can help you to make & connect with new friends from all corners of the township in which you live!

Duck Hunts for Teens

Tuesday, June 20, 6:30 – 8:00 p.m. Game 1: Summer Reading Kick-Off Duck Hunt

Join us the night of Summer Reading kick-off for a special TEEN ONLY Duck Hunt! Players will be allowed to keep up to 5 found ducks & have the chance to win prizes. Sign up for Summer Reading & take home a free book! No registration required.

Wednesday, July 12, 12:00 – 2:00 p.m. Game 2: Scavenger Duck Hunt

Join us anytime between noon and 2:00 p.m. for a self-directed game of solving the riddles & finding the ducks! Players will have the chance to keep up to 6 ducks, in addition to the chance to win prizes! Pick up your Scavenger sheets from the Adult Services desk anytime between 12:00 to 1:45 p.m. No registration required.

Monday, August 7, 12:00 – 12:30 p.m. Game 3: Break-in Bag

Like a mini escape room – Solve the clues, break into the bag! Teens can take home or complete the challenge in the library that day; those who complete the challenge in the library will be eligible for additional raffles and prizes! No registration required.

Drop-in Duck hunt: Surprise! It’s a random duck hunt! Keep connected on our Website & Social media pages to get notices on dates and times.

Duck hunt games and activities are available while supplies last.