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Book cover for I Have A Question, showing a child looking nervous with one hand raised while other children look on.

I Have a Question

For Stevie, speaking up in class can be scary. So, when Ms. Gail asks, 'Are there any questions?' Stevie looks around the classroom, hoping someone will raise their hand. But no one does. No one has a single question. Except Stevie. 'I can’t ask, can I? If I do, I know just what will happen,' Stevie thinks, beginning a journey of worried imagination. Everyone will certainly laugh, they'll think the question is silly, they'll think Stevie is silly. But Stevie has to know. Stevie has to ask.

Author: Andrew Arnold

Call Number: E ARN

Book cover for This Book Is Not For You, showing a cat, two children, and a robot - each holding a book.

This Book is Not for You!

When the bookmobile librarian refuses to lend Stanley the story he wants, he learns the importance of advocating for the book of his choosing, and in doing so teaches the librarian the virtue in allowing everyone to select the stories they enjoy.

Author: Shannon Hale

Call Number: E HAL

Book cover for Wake Me Up In 20 Coconuts! showing colorful cartoon characters, flowers, trees, and a house.

Wake Me Up in 20 Coconuts!

Two quirky characters living in an apartment building come together in this picture book that reinforces the importance of asking questions in order to better understand each other and the world around them.

Author: Laurie Keller

Call Number: E KEL

Book cover for Blacket, showing two animals huddled underneath a blanket, heads together.


A quiet, heartfelt story about those times when you just want to hide under a blanket -- and how much it can mean to have a friend who will be there to keep you company

Author: Ruth Ohi

Call Number: E OHI

Book cover for Sometimes, showing two children happily jumping in puddles, one holding an umbrella.

Sometimes: A Full Day of Feelings

Your body’s full of feelings—like the tide, they ebb and flow. Sometimes they lift you high, and sometimes they bring you low. This heartwarming introduction to feelings follows a brother and sister as they navigate the highs and lows of being a kid. Lush illustrations alongside spare text depict everyday scenes kids will identify with. This gentle story in pictures offers a simple guide to life and the big feelings we can have in just one day, from fear to bravery, anger to peace.

Author: Stephanie Stansbie

Call Number: E STA (Concept Collection)

Book cover for Tofu Takes Time, showing an older person and a younger person sitting at a table with chopsticks.

Tofu Takes Time

Lin makes tofu with her grandma and discovers that patience brings a whole universe together in a simple dish made by a modern Chinese American family.

Author: Helen H. Wu

Call Number: E WU

Book cover for Get A Hit, Mo! showing a child holding a baseball bat, watching as a baseball passes over home plate.

Mo Jackson Series

For "Get A Hit, Mo": Mo Jackson is excited for his baseball game, but Coach Marie tells him he is batting last and playing right field, again. Will Mo ever get a hit?

Author: David A. Adler


Book cover for I Am Kind, showing a child standing outside in the rain, holding an umbrella over an orange cat.

I Am Kind: A Positive Power Story

Looking to follow in her mother's footsteps, a young girl shares all the ways her thoughtfulness and kindness help her friends, family, and community.

Author: Suzy Capozzi


Book cover for I Did It! A creature happily rides a bike while other creatures hang from above and behind.

I Did It!

A girl tries and tries again to learn to ride a bicycle and all her friends provide words of encouragement.

Author: Michael Emberley


Book cover for Dog Can Hide, showing a dog hiding in an empty log, while a cat searches for it and a frog looks on.

Dog Can Hide

Illustrations and simple text relate how Dog and Frog and Cat play hide and seek.

Author: Laura Gehl


Book cover for See the Cat, showing a standing dog looking up at the book title and saying,

See the Cat: Three Stories about a Dog

What happens when the book gets it wrong? Max is not a cat-- Max is a dog! But much to his dismay, this book keeps instructing readers to "see the cat." How can Max get through to the book that he is a dog?

Author: David LaRochelle


Book cover for Reina Ramos Works It Out! showing a child standing in front of a shelf while pointing up with one hand.

Reina Ramos Works it Out!

Reina Ramos is excited about dressing up as Frida Kahlo for the class wax museum. Frida was a strong person like her mami and abuela--plus Reina has the perfect headband for the costume! But when her best friend Nora picks Frida first, Reina doesn't know what to do. Who will she dress up as now?

Author: Emma Otheguy


Book cover for Slow, Slow, Sloths, showing the hands of a person holding a small sloth.

Slow, Slow Sloths

A basic introduction to the sleepy, slow-moving mammal discusses the two types of sloths and their physical characteristics, habitat, behaviors, and diet.

Author: Bonnie Bader

Call Number: BEGINNING TO READ J599.313 BAD

Book cover for In My World, showing a child with a cape and shield climbing up a hill toward what looks like a dragon.

In My World

With a little help from each of us, children with autism can fulfill their dreams. A simple, heartfelt story that follows the life of a child through his imagination as he seeks to be loved for his strengths and abilities, and looks forward to all the things he will one day be able to do.

Author: Jillian Ma

Call Number: ASC E MA

Book cover for Rabbit's Bad Habits, showing a rabbit and bear walking together in a snowy wooded area.

Rabbit and Bear series

For "Rabbit's Bad Habits": When Bear wakes up early from her hibernation, she decides to build a snowman. Her grumpy neighbor, Rabbit, decides to build an even better one. Rabbit & Bear: Rabbits Bad Habits is full of laugh-out-loud moments and chronicles the forming of an unlikely friendship.

Author: Julian Gough

Call Number: I FICTION GOU

Book cover for Rise Of The Earth Dragon, showing a child and a dragon looking at each other with happy expressions.

Dragon Masters series

For "Rise of the Earth Dragon": Eight-year-old Drake is snatched up by the King's soldiers and taken to the castle where he is told by the wizard Griffith that he has been chosen to be a Dragon Master like Ana, Rori, and Bo--and his first task will be to discover whether his dragon, Worm, has any special powers.

Author: Tracey West

Call Number: I FICTION WES

Book cover for Zoey and Sassafras, showing a child wearing goggles on their head, with a cat, dragon, and books nearby.

Zoey and Sassafras series

Summary for the first book in the series, "Dragons and Marshmallows": A girl, Zoey, and her cat, Sassafras, use science experiments to help a dragon with a problem.

Author: Asia Citro

Call Number: J FICTION CIT

Book cover for Sydney & Taylor, showing a skunk and a hedgehog wearing neckties and sunglasses walking together outside.

Sydney and Taylor series

Sydney is a skunk and Taylor is a hedgehog, but no matter how odd the pairing may seem, their friendship comes naturally. They live happily in their cozy burrow under Miss Nancy's potting shed . . . until the day Taylor gets his Big Idea to go see the Whole Wide World. From mountains taller than a hundred hedgehogs, valleys wider than a thousand skunks, to the dangers that lie in the human world, Sydney and Taylor wanted to see it all. With a map and a dream, they bravely set off, soon discovering that the world is much bigger than they realized. Charming full-color illustrations and a laugh-out-loud story make this chapter book perfect for fans of the Mercy Watson and Owl Diaries series.

Author: Jacqueline Davies

Call Number: J FICTION DAV

Book cover for Blue, Barry & Pancakes, showing a big bunny hugging a smiling green frog and purple snake.

Blue, Barry, and Pancakes series

From book 1 in the series: One day, when the gang goes to the beach, Barry and Pancakes lose Blue's beloved beach ball. They come up with a plan to get it back, but things go way off course. Now, these pals will have to go inside a giant whale's stomach, crash a pool party on an alien spaceship, and survive Duckzilla's volcanic birthday bash if they ever hope to see Blue's beach ball again!

Author: Dan Abdo

Call Number: I FICTION ABD (Graphic Novel)

Book cover for Puppy Problems, showing a dog with toilet paper in its mouth and a dog and cat tied up with toilet paper.

Puppy Problems

Crackers is a rescue dog who's a bit on the nervous side, but pretty comfy at home with Butter, a very plump cat who--like all cats--is all about himself. The two pets have a good life: big backyard, nice couch, good eats, and an owner who goes to work every day so they can pretty much do what they want. Enter Peanut, a brand-new puppy with big floppy ears, unabashed energy, and no appreciation for the quiet life. The little dog is a chowhound who dips into everybody's food bowl. He drools, he chews up stuff, he doesn't get how stairs work, and he's afraid of the dark. Yowl! Not to mention he's hogging their owner's lap. Even the squirrels in the yard are laughing at this goofy little canine. Butter and Crackers have had it! This puppy has to go! But when the backyard gate is left open (the cat's idea, of course!) and Peanut wanders out and gets lost, the older animals remember what it was like to be alone--and lonely. Butter and Crackers to the rescue!

Author: Paige Braddock

Call Number: J FICTION BRA (Graphic Novel)

Book cover for Fox + Chick, showing a smiling fox standing in front of a waving yellow chick.

Fox and Chick series

Fox and Chick are unlikely friends, but somehow they seem to get along together, even though Fox is calm and thoughtful, and Chick is hyperactive and flighty.

Author: Sergio Ruzzier

Call Number: J FICTION RUZ (Graphic Novel)

Book cover for I Am Thinking My Life, showing a smiling person with closed eyes and colorful butterflies surrounding.

I Am Thinking My Life

A children's book that inspires dreams, kindles hopes, and empowers you to believe in yourself. permeate your children's minds and their actions with positivity

Author: Allysun Atwater

Call Number: J155.419 ATW

Book cover for Most People, showing the several people with a variety features and expressions crowded close together.

Most People

Looks at the goodness of most people, pointing out how many more people there are in the world who would like to help others than would like to hurt them, and even most of those who do bad things can change.

Author: Michael Leannah

Call Number: J170 LEA

Book cover for A Tree Is Nice, showing a child watering a small tree, and a larger nearby tree with a cat on a branch.

A Tree is Nice

This Caldecott-winning book briefly describes the value of a tree.

Author: Janice May Udry

Call Number: J582.16 UDR

Book cover for Roar-chestra! showing a conductor standing among large instrument cases in the shapes of various animals.

ROAR-chestra! A Wild Story of Musical Words

The conductor walks onto the stage, and the animal orchestra awaits his cue. ALLEGRO! Quickly, swiftly--race, run, fly! ADAGIO! Slowly, smoothly--a steady pace. STACCATO! Popping, hopping, bouncing, bounding. The animals move and dance and bend to the music--racing and gliding and twirling--until the final soft chords...PIANISSIMO! Quietly, softly--sleep, dream... This energetic and spirited interpretation of the universal musical terms shows the power that music can have on our bodies and our emotions, and gives kids the chance to get up and move!

Author: Robert Heidbreder

Call Number: J780 HEI

Book cover for Between The Lines, showing a person looking out of the book while wearing a black suit and bowtie.

Between the Lines: How Ernie Barnes went from the Football Field to the Art Gallery

Looks at the life and career of Ernie Barnes, a football star who became an influential painter.

Author: Sandra Neil Wallace

Call Number: J BIO BARNES

Book cover for Try It! showing a variety of hands holding different foods.

Try It! How Frieda Caplan changed the way we eat

A picture book biography of Frieda Caplan, the produce pioneer who changed the way Americans eat by introducing exciting new fruits and vegetables, from baby carrots to blood oranges to kiwis.

Author: Mara Rockliff

Call Number: J BIO CAPLAN