Book cover for Frankie Sparks And The Class Pet, showing a child behind a table feeding a rodent through a tube.

Frankie Sparks series

For "Frankie Sparks: The Class Pet": Frankie Sparks, the self-proclaimed "best inventor in the third grade," does research and creates a tool to try to persuade her classmates that a rat would make the best class pet.

Author: Megan Frazer Blakemore Call Number: J FICTION BLA

Book cover for Saving Winslow, showing a young donkey on a leash and a baby bottle of white liquid on the ground nearby.

Saving Winslow

Louie doesn't have the best luck when it comes to nurturing small creatures. So when his father brings home a sickly newborn mini donkey, he's determined to save him. He names him Winslow. Taking care of him helps Louie feel closer to his brother, Gus, who is far, far away in the army. Everyone worries that Winslow won't survive, especially Louies quirky new friend, Nora, who has experienced loss of her own. But as Louie's bond with Winslow grows, surprising and life-altering events prove that this fragile donkey is stronger than anyone could have imagined.

Author: Sharon Creech Call Number: J FICTION CRE

Book cover for Dragons In A Bag, showing a smiling child siting on a brick wall with three small dragons nearby.

Dragons in a Bag

In Brooklyn, nine-year-old Jax joins Ma, a curmudgeonly witch who lives in his building, on a quest to deliver three baby dragons to a magical world, and along the way discovers his true calling.

Author: Zetta Elliott Call Number: J FICTION ELL

Book cover for Jasmine Toguchi: Mochi Queen, showing a child kid holding up a tray full of mochi with one hand.

Jasmine Toguchi, Mochi Queen

Eager to do something her big sister has not done first, Jasmine Toguchi, eight, decides to pound mochi with the men and boys when her family gets together for New Year's.

Author: Debbi Michiko Florence Call Number: J FICTION FLO

Book cover for Once Upon A Tim, showing a person holding a crossbow pointed upward, and several other characters nearby.

Once Upon a Tim

With no knightly experience but plenty of pluck and an impressive vocabulary, a twelve-year-old peasant, hoping to improve his station in life, volunteers to help a cowardly prince and his not very powerful wizard rescue a princess from an evil, foul-smelling monster.

Author: Stuart Gibbs Call Number: J FICTION GIB

Book cover for Big Foot And Little Foot, showing a child and yeti looking at each other and smiling.

Big Foot and Little Foot

Hugo is a young Sasquatch who longs for adventure. Boone is young boy who longs to see a Sasquatch. When their worlds collide, they become the unlikeliest pair of best friends.

Author: Ellen Potter Call Number: J FICTION POT

Book cover for The Sasquatch Escape, showing two kids, a cat, a dragon, and a Sasquatch standing in front of a gate.

The Sasquatch Escape

Spending the summer in his grandfather's rundown town, ten-year-old Ben meets an adventurous local girl and together they learn that the town's veterinarian runs a secret hospital for imaginary creatures.

Author: Suzanne Selfors Call Number: J FICTION SEL

Book cover for Road Trip With Max And His Mom, showing an adult driving a car and a kid riding in the car while reading.

Road Trip with Max and His Mom

Max and his mom embark on a road trip as they adjust to their new understanding of family

Author: Linda Urban Call Number: J FICTION URB

Book cover for Inspector Flytrap. A Venus Flytrap plant holds a magnifying glass while riding a skateboard.

Inspector Flytrap series

For Book 1: Hoping to become the greatest detective that ever grew, Inspector Flytrap, a Venus Flytrap, and his assistant, Nina the Goat, investigate "big deal" mysteries at an art museum, a cookie shop, and a garden.

Author: Tom Angleberger Call Number: J MYSTERY ANG

Book cover for Ra The Mighty Cat Detective, showing a black cat looking to the side while a bug dances on its head.

Ra the Mighty: Cat Detective

In ancient Egypt, the Pharaoh's pampered cat Ra and his scarab-beetle sidekick question the royal palace's animal inhabitants, solve a crime, and exonerate a servant girl falsely accused of theft.

Author: A. B. Greenfield Call Number: J MYSTERY GRE

Book cover for Hello, Nebulon! showing a child holding a suitcase and bag, while several blue creatures watch the child.

Galaxy Zack series

For "Hello, Nebulon": Moving from Earth to the futuristic planet Nebulon in 2120, eight-year-old Zack is nervous about starting school and meeting people.

Author: Ray O'Ryan Call Number: I SCIENCE FICTION ORY

Book Cover for Little Green Men At The Mercury Inn, showing three kids near a swimming pool, and alien spying on them.

Little Green Men at the Mercury Inn

Two boys race to get an undercover alien back to her mothership while dodging an oddball group of UFO-chasers, TV newspeople, and Florida retirees

Author: Greg Leitich Smith Call Number: J SCIENCE FICTION SMI

Book cover for The Real Riley Mayes, showing a child using a marker to draw a picture of a school and other children.

The Real Riley Mayes

Funny and full of heart, this debut graphic novel is a story about friendship, identity, and embracing all the parts of yourself that make you special.

Author: Rachel Elliott Call Number: J FICTION ELL (Graphic Novel)

Book cover for Shirley And Jamila Save Their Sumer, showing two children in the woods, looking in opposite directions.

Shirley and Jamila Save Their Summer

When ten-year-olds Shirley and Jamila meet, Jamila is simply hoping for a friend in her new neighborhood but Shirley is a detective and together they seek a missing gecko.

Author: Gillian Goerz Call Number: J FICTION GOE (Graphic Novel)

Book cover for Bug Scouts: Out In The Wild! showing various bugs exploring an outdoor wooded area together.

Bug Scouts Out in the Wild

To earn their “foraging” bug badge, Doug, Abby and Josh, the Bug Scouts, embark on an adventure in the wilderness to find an edible plant and encounter a clever, yet hungry, frog who distracts them from their mission.

Author: Mike Lowery Call Number: J FICTION LOW (Graphic Novel)

Book cover for Max & The Midknights, showing a child dressed like Robin Hood using a lute as a bow to shoot an arrow.

Max and the Midknights

Max and a group of friends dubbed the Midknights go on a quest to rescue the Kingdom of Byjovia from the mean King Gastley!

Author: Lincoln Peirce Call Number: J FICTION PEI (Graphic Novel)

Book cover for Kerry And The Knight Of The Forest, showing a person in a forest, several eyeballs peering at them.

Kerry and the Knight of the Forest

Kerry gets lost on his way home and has to navigate through a fantastical forest to find his way out, only most the creatures in the forest are not there to help him

Author: Andi Watson Call Number: J FICTION WAT (Graphic Novel)

Book cover for My Little Book Of Big Questions, showing a person in a yellow room, looking out a window to the night.

My Little Book of Big Questions

What will my life be like? Will I be happy? Will I ever be able to reach the stars? There are no answers to these questions, but in this eloquent picture book Britta Teckentrup lets children know that they are not alone in asking them and gives parents an opportunity to start a conversation with their children about the questions that come up in their lives. A young girl stands on a chair to see what it's like to be tall. A boy stares towards the sky and wonders if birds enjoy flying. Friends argue, lovers embrace, the distant sun warms the earth, and people grow old. Using soft hues, bold outlines, and unusual textures, Teckentrup's illustrations help evoke the feelings surrounding each question. As they flip through the pages children and their parents will find endless opportunities to think about life's big questions and to have conversations that will be remembered for years.

Author: Britta Teckentrup Call Number: J100 TEC

Book cover for The Seed of Compassion, showing a child and adult holding a small plant and soil in their hands, smiling.

The Seed of Compassion

One of today's most inspiring world leaders was once an ordinary child named Lhamo Thondup. In a small village in Tibet, his mother was his first great teacher of compassion. In everyday moments from his childhood, young readers begin to see that important lessons are all around us, and that they, too, can grow to truly understand them.

Author: Dalai Lama Call Number: J294.3567 BST

Book cover for It Feels Good To Be Yourself, showing four kids gathered together, surrounded by colorful flowers.

It Feels Good to Be Yourself

A picture book that introduces the concept of gender identity to the youngest reader from writer Theresa Thorn and illustrator Noah Grigni. Some people are boys. Some people are girls. Some people are both, neither, or somewhere in between. This sweet, straightforward exploration of gender identity will give children a fuller understanding of themselves and others. With child-friendly language and vibrant art, It Feels Good to Be Yourself provides young readers and parents alike with the vocabulary to discuss this important topic with sensitivity.

Author: Theresa Thorn Call Number: J305.3 THO

Book cover for Earth By The Numbers, showing several graphics of different earth forms and phenomena.

Earth By the Numbers: A Book of Infographics

How old is the earth? Where is the ice three miles thick? Why are volcanoes so dangerous? Where are the wettest and driest spots on the planet? Find the answers to these questions--and many more--in Earth by the numbers.

Author: Steve Jenkins Call Number: J550 JEN

Book cover for Boy, Were We Wrong About The Human Body! showing various figures with curious objects in a desert.

Boy, Were We Wrong about the Human Body

Examines what is known about the human body today, and how different the facts are from what scientists, from ancient Egyptians to the recent past, believed to be true.

Author: Kathleen V. Kudlinkski Call Number: J610.9 KUD

Book cover for Dream Builder, showing an adult wearing a white shirt and black jacket next to a building and a monument.

Dream Builder: The Story of Architect Philip Freelon

A biography of Philip Freelon, whose rich family history and deep understanding of Black culture brought him to the role of lead architect for the Smithsonian's National Museum of African American History and Culture.

Author: Kelly Starling Lyons Call Number: J BIO FREELON

Book cover for Sweet Justice, showing a person stirring a pot with steam rising, in what appears to be a pink kitchen.

Sweet Justice: Georgia Gilmore and the Montgomery Bus Boycott

A picture book biography about Georgia Gilmore, the woman whose cooking helped feed and fund the Montgomery bus boycott of 1956.

Author: Mara Rockliff Call Number: J BIO GILMORE

Book cover for Hedy And Her Amazing Invention, showing a person in profile with water and a boat beneath them.

Hedy and Her Amazing Invention

The latest by prolific children's book author Jan Wahl, Hedy and her Amazing Invention teaches kids about the pioneering scientific work and inspiring courage of Hedy Lamarr, the famous Hollywood actress who fought against old-fashioned parents, a domineering husband, prejudice, and stereotypes to become an accomplished inventor whose work helped pave the way for many of the communications technologies we enjoy today.

Author: Jan Wahl Call Number: J BIO LAMARR