The Quickest Kid in Clarksville

Growing up in the segregated town of Clarksville, Tennessee, in the 1960s, Alta's family cannot afford to buy her new sneakers--but she still plans to attend the parade celebrating her hero Wilma Rudolph's three Olympic gold medals.

Author: Pat Zietlow Miller Call Number: E MIL

Saving Winslow

Louie doesn't have the best luck when it comes to nurturing small creatures. So when his father brings home a sickly newborn mini donkey, he's determined to save him. He names him Winslow. Taking care of him helps Louie feel closer to his brother, Gus, who is far, far away in the army. Everyone worries that Winslow won't survive, especially Louies quirky new friend, Nora, who has experienced loss of her own. But as Louie's bond with Winslow grows, surprising and life-altering events prove that this fragile donkey is stronger than anyone could have imagined.

Author: Sharon Creech Call Number: J FICTION CRE

Jasmine Toguchi, Mochi Queen

Eager to do something her big sister has not done first, Jasmine Toguchi, eight, decides to pound mochi with the men and boys when her family gets together for New Year's.

Author: Debbi Michiko Florence Call Number: J FICTION FLO

Dory Fantasmagory series

Dory, the youngest in her family, is a girl with a very active imagination, and she spends the summer playing with her imaginary friend, pretending to be a dog, battling monsters, and generally driving her family nuts.

Author: Abby Hanlon Call Number: J FICTION HAN

Isadora Moon Goes to School

Isadora Moon, a vampire fairy, has to decided which school she wants to got to--vampire or fairy. This is the first book in the Isadora Moon series.

Author: Harriet Muncaster Call Number: J FICTION MUN

Waylon series

Waylon, a boy with the mind of a scientific genius and the vulnerable heart of an eight year old, is trying to understand his older sister and deal with changes among the kids at school.

Author: Sara Pennypacker Call Number: J FICTION PEN

The Adventures of Henry Whiskers

Henry Whiskers must face his fears and rescue his little sister from the scary Rat Alley in this fun, fast-paced debut chapter book set in Queen Marys historical dollhouse at Windsor Castle.

Author: Gigi Priebe Call Number: J FICTION PRI

The Sasquatch Escape

Spending the summer in his grandfather's rundown town, ten-year-old Ben meets an adventurous local girl and together they learn that the town's veterinarian runs a secret hospital for imaginary creatures.

Author: Suzanne Selfors Call Number: J FICTION SEL

Justin Case: School, Drool, and Other Daily Disasters

Relates the daily worries and problems of Justin Case as he struggles to survive third grade. This is the first book in the Justin Case series.

Author: Rachel Vail Call Number: J FICTION VAI

Ra the Mighty: Cat Detective

In ancient Egypt, the Pharaoh's pampered cat Ra and his scarab-beetle sidekick question the royal palace's animal inhabitants, solve a crime, and exonerate a servant girl falsely accused of theft.

Author: A. B. Greenfield Call Number: J MYSTERY GRE

The Real McCoys series

Bold, opinionated, and haplessly self-confident, the worlds greatest fourth-grade detective faces her biggest challenge! When someone kidnaps beloved school mascot Eddie the Owl, Moxie is on the casebut shes forced to fly solo now that her best friend (and crime-solving partner) has moved away. Moxie must interview her classmatesboth as potential new best friends and as possible suspects. She finds clues and points fingers but cant save the owl on her own. Enter Moxies little brother, Milton. Quiet, cautious, and boring as a butter knife, hes a good listener. Can the Real McCoys form an unlikely alliance and solve the crime of the century?

Author: Matther Swanson Call Number: J MYSTERY SWA

Dragon Pearl

Min, a thirteen-year-old girl with fox-magic, stows away on a battle cruiser and impersonates a cadet in order to solve the mystery of what happened to her older brother in the Thousand World Space Forces.

Author: Yoon Ha Lee Call Number: Y SCIENCE FICTION LEE

Little Green Men at the Mercury Inn

Two boys race to get an undercover alien back to her mothership while dodging an oddball group of UFO-chasers, TV newspeople, and Florida retirees

Author: Greg Smith Call Number: J SCIENCE FICTION SMI

According to Aggie

When best friends Aggie and Fiona drift apart in fifth grade, Aggie grows to understand that fading friendships are normal, and she makes a new friend who shares more of her interests.

Author: Mary Richards Beaumont Call Number: J FICTION AME (Graphic Novel)

Bird & Squirrel series

A happy-go-lucky Bird and a cautious acorn-collecting Squirrel become unlikely best friends when Squirrel loses his winter stash while saving Bird from Cat, prompting a zany road-trip adventure in search of warm weather and plentiful food.

Author: James Burks Call Number: J FICTION BUR (GRAPHIC NOVEL)

Hilo series

When a mysterious boy falls from the sky, friends D.J. and Gina must discover the secrets of his identity and help him save the world.

Author: Judd Winick Call Number: J FICTION WIN (Graphic Novel)

All Birds Have Anxiety

Life as a bird can be stressful! From worrying about airplanes, windows and getting enough worms to eat, it is clear that birds can be anxious beings. Through a humorous, quizzical depiction of bird behaviour, this book validates everyday experiences of anxiety, provides an understanding of the associated symptoms and offers compassionate coping strategies.

Author: Kathy Hoopman Call Number: SPECIAL NEEDS J618.928 HOO

My Little Book of Big Questions

What will my life be like? Will I be happy? Will I ever be able to reach the stars? There are no answers to these questions, but in this eloquent picture book Britta Teckentrup lets children know that they are not alone in asking them and gives parents an opportunity to start a conversation with their children about the questions that come up in their lives. A young girl stands on a chair to see what it's like to be tall. A boy stares towards the sky and wonders if birds enjoy flying. Friends argue, lovers embrace, the distant sun warms the earth, and people grow old. Using soft hues, bold outlines, and unusual textures, Teckentrup's illustrations help evoke the feelings surrounding each question. As they flip through the pages children and their parents will find endless opportunities to think about life's big questions and to have conversations that will be remembered for years.

Author: Britta Teckentrup Call Number: J100 TEC

Sit-In: How Four Friends Stood Up by Sitting Down

A picture book celebration of the 50th anniversary of the momentous Woolworth's lunch counter sit-in, when four college students staged a peaceful protest that became a defining moment in the struggle for racial equality and the growing Civil Rights Movement.

Author: Andrea Davis Pinkney Call Number: J323.119 PIN

Light Waves

An introduction to the physics of light for young readers, with an overview of photons, transparency, the electromagnetic spectrum, and the mechanics of reflection.

Author: David A. Adler Call Number: J535 ADL

Her Right Foot

If you had to name a statue, any statue, odds are good you'd mention the Statue of Liberty. Have you seen her? She's in New York. She's holding a torch. And she's in mid-stride, moving forward. But why? In this fun take on nonfiction, Dave Eggers and Shawn Harris investigate a seemingly small trait of America's most emblematic statue. What they find is about more than history, more than art. What they find in the Statue of Liberty's right foot is the powerful message of acceptance that is essential to an entire country's creation.

Author: Dave Eggers Call Number: J973 EGG

Yogi: The Life, Loves, and Language of Baseball Legend Yogi Berra

Looks at the life of Major League Baseball and New York Yankee legend Lawrence "Yogi" Berra, describing how his differences challenged his baseball prospects and helped motivate him to prove his abilities as a player, coach, and manager.

Author: Barb Rosenstock Call Number: J BIO BERRA

Chef Roy Choi and the Street Food Remix

Chef Roy Choi calls himself a "street cook." He wants outsiders, low-riders, kids, teens, shufflers, and skateboarders, to have food cooked with care, with love, with sohn maash.

Author: Jacqueline Briggs Martin Call Number: J BIO CHOI

Hedy and Her Amazing Invention

The latest by prolific children's book author Jan Wahl, Hedy and her Amazing Invention teaches kids about the pioneering scientific work and inspiring courage of Hedy Lamarr, the famous Hollywood actress who fought against old-fashioned parents, a domineering husband, prejudice, and stereotypes to become an accomplished inventor whose work helped pave the way for many of the communications technologies we enjoy today.

Author: Jan Wahl Call Number: J BIO LAMARR

Fascinating: The Life of Leonard Nimoy

Fascinating is the story of how one boy followed his dreams to become one of the most beloved figures of our time.

Author: Richard Michelson Call Number: J BIO NIMOY