The Wolf Keepers

Twelve-year-old Lizzie Durango lives in a zoo, spending her days taking note of the animals' behaviors, then she meets runaway Tyler Briggs and together they investigate the wolves who are suddenly dying.

Author: Elise Broach Call Number: J MYSTERY BRO

The Copernicus Legacy: The Forbidden Stone

Wade, Lily, Darrell, and Becca fly from Texas to Germany for the funeral of an old family friend. But instead of just paying their respects, they wind up on a dangerous, mind-blowing quest to unlock an ancient, guarded secret that could destroy the fate of the world

Author: Tony Abbott Call Number: J FICTION ABB

Finding Perfect

With some help from her siblings and friends, Molly is able to face her OCD and be strong enough to get help for it.

Author: Elly Swartz Call Number: J FICTION SWA

Apocalypse Bow Wow

Apollo and Brownie are unaware that the apocalypse is at hand, but when their owners do not return and they run out of food and water, the dogs venture into the world, where they team up with a police dog, a flea that quotes Sun Tzu's The art of war, and others in an attempt to survive.

Author: James Proimos Call Number: J FICTION PRO (Graphic Novel)

The Last Kids on Earth

After a monster apocalypse hits town, average thirteen-year-old Jack Sullivan builds a team of friends to help slay the eerily intelligent monster known as Blarg

Author: Max Brallier Call Number: J FICTION BRA

Hidden Figures

Explores the previously uncelebrated but pivotal contributions of NASA's African-American women mathematicians to America's space program, describing how Jim Crow laws segregated them from their white counterparts despite their groundbreaking successes.

Author: Margot Lee Shetterly Call Number: J510.925 LEE

Fish in a Tree

Ally's greatest fear is that everyone will find out she is as dumb as they think she is because she still doesn't know how to read.

Author: Lynda Mullaly Hunt Call Number: J FICTION HUN

Small Wonders: Jean-Henri Fabre & His World of Insects

Shares the life of the French naturalist, including his childhood in the French countryside, his life-long interest in insects, and how he eventually met the president of France.

Author: Matthew Smith Call Number: J BIO FABRE

Minnie McClary Speaks Her Mind

When quiet sixth-grader Minnie gets a new language arts teacher who makes her think and ask hard questions, she is inspired to stand up for what she believes in.

Author: Valerie Hobbs Call Number: J FICTION HOB

Game Changers series

When the coach's son, Shawn O'Brien, is chosen to play quarterback, eleven-year-old Ben McBain is not surprised--but when he tries to be a good teammate and help the inconsistent Shawn, he is startled to learn that his new friend does not really want the position.

Author: Mike Lupica Call Number: Y FICTION LUP


After being forced to give up his pet fox Pax, a young boy named Peter decides to leave home and get his best friend back.

Author: Sara Pennypacker Call Number: J FICTION PEN

Last in a Long Line of Rebels

When the city of Zollicoffer, Tennessee, where her family lives, announces plans to seize their one hundred seventy-five year old house through eminent domain, twelve-year-old Louise Mayhew needs to come up with a way to save it--and her ancestor's Civil War diary linking the house to the Underground Railroad, as well as a hidden treasure, seem to offer her family the best chance of saving their home.

Author: Lisa Tyre Call Number: Y FICTION TYR


Eli has never left Serenity . . . why would he ever want to? Then one day, he bikes to the edge of the city limits and something so crazy and unexpected happens, it changes everything. Eli convinces his friends to help him investigate further, and soon it becomes clear that nothing is as it seems in Serenity. The clues mount to reveal a shocking discovery, connecting their ideal crime-free community to some of the greatest criminal masterminds ever known. The kids realize they can trust no one—least of all their own parents.

Author: Gordon Korman Call Number: J FICTION KOR

Colonial Madness

Thirteen-year-old Tori Porter and her mother, fun-loving best friends, compete against other relatives in hopes of inheriting a fortune from eccentric Great Aunt Muriel by spending two weeks in a colonial mansion, with no modern conveniences, no outside help, and daily tests.

Author: Jo Whitemore Call Number: J FICTION WHI

Bridge of Time

Best friends Lee Jones and Joan Lee have more in common than their twisted names, they have both learned that their parents are getting divorced, and while on their class trip to San Francisco they go off on their own to talk about the divorces and fall asleep. When they wake up, they find the Golden Gate Bridge gone and they meet a man named Sam Clemens who is on the run from a mysterious stranger.

Author: Lewis Buzbee Call Number: J MYSTERY BUZ

The War that Saved My Life

A young disabled girl and her brother are evacuated from London to the English countryside during World War II, where they find life to be much sweeter away from their abusive mother.

Author: Kimberly Brubaker Bradley Call Number: J FICTION BRA

Bongo Fishing

Berkeley, California, middle-schooler Jason Jameson has a close encounter of the fun kind when Sam, a bluish alien from the Pleiades, arrives in a 1960 Dodge Dart spaceship and invites Jason to go fishing.

Author: Thacher Hurd Call Number: J SCIENCE FICTION HUR

Are You an Echo? The Lost Poetry of Misuzu Kaneko

This book folds poetry and history into recent events, resurrecting the work of Misuzu Kaneko and bringing the gentle grace of her poems to a new generation

Author: Misuzu Kaneko Call Number: J895.61 KAN

Sunny Side Up

Sunny Lewin is sent to live with her grandfather for the summer in Florida, where she befriends Buzz, a boy completely obsessed with comic books, and faces the secret behind why she is in Florida in the first place.

Author: Jennifer Holm Call Number: J FICTION HOL (GRAPHIC NOVEL)

Almost Super

Two brothers in a family of superheroes are forced to reexamine everything they knew about being super when the powers they receive are total duds and their enemy is revealed to be just like they are

Author: Marion Jensen Call Number: J FICTION JEN

Howtoons: Tools of Mass Construction

Lurking in the corners of your garage, on the dusty shelves of hardware stores, and in your own trashcan are the tools and ingredients for creating your own adventures. Follow Celine and Tucker as they learn through play with over 50 DIY projects! Challenged to make something "other than trouble," this brother-and-sister pair use everyday objects to invent toys that readers can build. Combining comics and real-life science and engineering principles, Howtoons are designed to encourage kids to become active participants in the world around them.

Author: Saul Griffith Call Number: J507.8 GRI

Small Wonders: Jean-Henri Fabre & His World of Insects

Shares the life of the French naturalist, including his childhood in the French countryside, his life-long interest in insects, and how he eventually met the president of France.

Author: Matthew Smith Call Number: J BIO FABRE

You Never Heard of Willie Mays?!

A visual profile of the record-setting baseball star traces his Birmingham childhood, achievements in the Negro Leagues, and fame as a center fielder for the Giants.

Author: Jonah Winter Call Number: J BIO MAYS

The White House is Burning: August 24, 1814

Traces the story of the burning of the White House by the British during the War of 1812 from the perspectives of its witnesses, including First Lady Dolley Madison, a British officer, and a nine-year-old slave

Author: Jane Sutcliffe Call Number: J975.302 SUT

Jars of Hope: How One Woman Helped Save 2,500 Children

Amid the horrors of World War II, Irena Sendler was an unlikely and unsung hero. While many people lived in fear of the Nazis, Irena defied them, even though it could have meant her life. She kept records of the children she helped smuggle away from the Nazis' grasp, and when she feared her work might be discovered, she buried her lists in jars, hoping to someday recover them and reunite children with their parents. This gripping true story of a woman who took it upon herself to help save 2,500 children from the Warsaw Ghetto during the Holocaust is not only inspirational; it's unforgettable.

Author: Jennifer Roy Call Number: J BIO SENDLEROWA

Brown Girl Dreaming

The author shares her childhood memories and reveals the first sparks that ignited her writing career in free-verse poems about growing up in the North and South.

Author: Jacqueline Woodson Call Number: J BIO WOODSON

The Case of the Missing Moonstone

Imagines an alternate 1826 London, where Ada Lovelace (the world's first computer programmer) and Mary Shelley (author of Frankenstein) meet as girls and form a secret detective agency. Their first case involves a stolen heirloom, a false confession, and an array of fishy suspects.

Author: Jordan Stratford Call Number: J MYSTERY STR

Under Their Skin

Twelve-year-old twins Nick and Eryn investigate why their mother and new stepfather are keeping secrets, why they are forbidden to meet their stepsiblings, and most important, why their lives are in danger.

Author: Margaret Peterson Haddix Call Number: Y SCIENCE FICTION HAD