ABCs of Kindness

Learn some of the ways kindness can go a long way.

Author: Samantha Berger Call Number: BOARD E BER (CONCEPT)

Steady Sloth

Sloth's animal friends think a lot of things are too hard, but Sloth perseveres and show them how good things can come from taking it slow and steady.

Author: Michael Buxton Call Number: BOARD E BUX

Waiting is Not Forever

Toddlers live in the moment. When they want something, they want it now. But learning self-control and delayed gratification will set up young children for success in school and in social settings. Practicing patience is the key. With her trademark mix of empathy and encouragement, author Elizabeth Verdick acknowledges that waiting can be frustrating and offers toddlers simple ideas to make waiting easier.

Author: Elizabeth Verdick Call Number: BOARD E VER

Heads and Tails

Leveraging the natural and universal fascination that children have with animals, the book utilizes hints and recognition to build a sense of anticipation on each page, that is resolved on the following page when the identity of the animal is discovered.

Author: John Canty Call Number: E CAN

Jabari Jumps

An appealing tale of overcoming your fears.

Author: Gaia Cornwall Call Number: E COR

The Rabbit Listened

When Taylor's block castle is destroyed, all the animals think they know just what to do, but only the rabbit quietly listens to how Taylor is feeling.

Author: Cori Doerrfeld Call Number: E DOE

Just in case you want to Fly

Offers encouragement and supplies, from a snack and a blanket to a map for finding the way home, to a loved one who may be facing a new challenge.

Author: Julie Fogliano Call Number: E FOG

Where's Baby?

Papa Fox is looking for Baby Fox, who is just out of his sight ... but not ours! An adorable, interactive read-aloud for fans of Are You My Mother. In this clever introduction to prepositions, a near-sighted Papa is looking for his baby. Is Baby up in the tree? Is Baby under the log? Is Baby around the corner? Where could Baby be? Readers will delight in spotting the little fox on every page as Papa wanders the forest, encountering other animals all along the way, but never quite able to spot his own baby. Anne Hunter's delicate and lovely illustrations with their limited palette highlight the humor of this adorable hide-and-seek tale.

Author: Anne Hunter Call Number: E HUN

It is (Not) Perfect

Two fuzzy creatures are happily putting the finishing touches on their sandcastle when each of them thinks of something that would make it even better. As they work furiously to incorporate each new change, their tiny sandcastle becomes an over-the-top palace; but is it really perfect?

Author: Anna King Call Number: E KAN

My Cat Looks Like My Dad

A narrator describes all the ways in which her cat and father are--or are not--alike.

Author: Thao Lam Call Number: E LAM

20 Big Trucks in the Middle of the Street

Count the trucks getting stuck in a traffic jam in this rhythmic read-aloud sure to draw in kids who love everything on wheels.

Author: Mark Lee Call Number: E LEE (CONCEPT)

While We Can't Hug

A gorgeous, uplifting, inspiring picture book that makes social distancing fun!

Author: Eoin McLaughlin Call Number: E MCL

Don't Touch My Hair!

Aria loves her soft and bouncy hair, but must go to extremes to avoid people who touch it without permission until, finally, she speaks up.

Author: Sharee Miller Call Number: E MIL

A Bear is a Bear (except when he's not)

When Bear wakes up early from his hibernation, he can't remember what he is! Is he a bird? Or a moose? Maybe a fox? Just when it seems like Bear won't be able to figure it out, he finds his cave and decides another nap might help.

Author: Karl Newson Call Number: E NEW


When five-year-old Sulwe's classmates make fun of her dark skin, she tries lightening herself to no avail, but her encounter with a shooting star helps her understand there is beauty in every shade.

Author: Lupita Nyong'o Call Number: E NYO

It's Okay to Make Mistakes

Presents a series of situations in which taking chances and trying new things can lead to good results, even if there were mistakes along the way.

Author: Todd Parr Call Number: E PAR

The Boy Who Loved Everyone

"I love you," Dimitri tells everyone, from his friends at nursery to the big tree in the playground. But why does no one say it back? Dimitri worries no one loves him, until he finds out there are lots of different ways love can spread through the world. A touching and uplifting story, perfect for sharing.

Author: Jane Porter Call Number: E POR

Share Some Kindness, Bring Some Light

Coco sets out to help her new friend, Bear, show other animals he is not mean just because he is big, and soon they all have learned something about kindness.

Author: Apryl Stott Call Number: E STO

Tiny T. Rex and the Impossible Hug

Tiny T. Rex wants to cheer up his friend, Pointy, with a hug, but he is frustrated because even as he gets bigger, his arms remain too small for proper hugging--but he is determined to practice, even when he gets into trouble.

Author: Jonathan Stutzman Call Number: E STU

Polar Bear's Underwear

Polar Bear has lost his underwear and he asks his friend, Mouse, to help him find it.

Author: Tupera Tupera Call Number: E TUP

I Can Be Anything

A pre-bedtime game of charades between a child and her mother leads to a series of wildly imaginative interpretations of everyday objects and feelings.

Author: Shinsuke Yoshitake Call Number: E YOS

Tough Guys (Have Feelings Too)

Explains through simple text and colorful illustrations that tough guys have the same feelings as you and I.

Author: Keith Negley Call Number: J152.4 NEG

Wee Rhymes: Baby's First Poetry Book

A collection of nursery rhymes, most original but some from Mother Goose, divided into sections celebrating all of the special moments in a baby's day, from wake-up time to bedtime.

Author: Jane Yolen Call Number: J398.8 YOL

Bloom Boom!

Shares introductory flower profiles and combines vibrant photography with simple verses to celebrate the vibrancy and science behind the bursting blooms of floral color in natural springtime environments.

Author: April Pulley Sayre Call Number: J581 SAY

Just Like Me

A collection of poetry filled with engaging mini-stories about girls of all kinds.

Author: Vanessa Brantley-Newton Call Number: J811.6 BRA