My Bus

A bus driver named Joe heads out on his route, stopping at one bus stop after another to pick up passengers. He picks up five dogs and five cats in all, dropping nine of them off at the plane, train, or boat. The tenth passenger, a dog, Joe takes home.

Author: Byron Barton Call Number: E BAR (CONCEPT)

Please Mr. Panda

Mr. Panda has a plate of doughnuts to share, but most of the other animals forget to say "Please.".

Author: Steve Antony Call Number: E ANT

Rex Wrecks It!

Look out! Here comes Rex! Children who love to construct and those who love to destroy will relate to this kid-pleasing tale that builds to a smashing finale. Gizmo, Sprinkles, and Wild are fed up. Every time they build something with their blocks, Rex wrecks it! Whether it's an out-of-this-world rocket, a magical heart, or the biggest, strongest, most awesomerific castle ever, Rex sends it crashing down with a ""Rawr!" "(and sometimes a sheepish""Rawry!"?"). Isn't there "any "way to make playtime fun for "everyone"? With Rex-size humor, Ben Clanton explores the challenges of friendship, the benefits of working together, and the joys of destruction.

Author: Ben Clanton Call Number: E CLA

Blue on Blue

Rhyming text and illustrations depict the swell and quieting of a storm.

Author: Dianne White Call Number: E WHI


Can friendship bloom between a dog and a chick?

Author: Doreen Cronin Call Number: E CRO

Buzz, Buzz, Baby!

Young readers are invited to lift flaps to reveal such insects as ladybugs, caterpillars, ants, and bees.

Author: Karen Katz Call Number: BOARD E KAT

Goodnight Already!

Bear has never been so tired but his next-door neighbor, a wide-awake duck, keeps disturbing his sleep.

Author: Jory John Call Number: E JOH


Wednesday is about Little Round and Big Square, two friends that get together to play every Wednesday.

Author: Anne Bertier Call Number: E BER (CONCEPT)

How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth

Follow this step-by-step guide to successfully clean up your hairy friend. But be forewarned. A mammoth's tummy is terribly tickley.

Author: Michelle Robinson Call Number: E ROB


When his brother refuses to come outside, a child plays by himself in the snow and creates an imaginary world.

Author: Deirdre Gill Call Number: E GIL

Penguin and Pinecone: a Friendship Story

Penguin and Pinecone form an unlikely friendship, even when they live far apart.

Author: Salina Yoon Call Number: E YOO

Let's Sing a Lullaby with the Brave Cowboy

Brave Cowboy tries to sing his young calf pals to sleep on a dark, dark night, with humorous results.

Author: Jan Thomas Call Number: E THO


Illustrations and rhyming text show the enormous and powerful machines that are used to demolish a building so that a playground can be built.

Author: Sally Sutton Call Number: E SUT


Simple, rhyming text celebrates what is nice about mice.

Author: Rose Fyleman Call Number: E FYL

No Two Alike

Follows a pair of birds on a snowflake-filled journey through a winter landscape, where everything everywhere, from branches and leaves to forests full of trees, is unique.

Author: Keith Baker Call Number: E BAK

Little Owl's Night

Little Owl enjoys a lovely night in the forest visiting his friend the raccoon, listening to the frogs croak and the crickets chirp, and watching the fog that hovers overhead.

Author: Divya Srinivasan Call Number: E SRI

Snow Rabbit, Spring Rabbit

While other animals migrate, hibernate, or stay busy all winter, a little white rabbit watches.

Author: Il Sung Na Call Number: E NA

Hugless Douglas

Douglas--a big, brown, lovable bear--wakes up one morning in need of a hug

Author: David Melling Call Number: E MEL

Blue Chameleon

"The lonely chameleon is blue. Even though he tries to fit in by changing color and shape, neither the swirly snail, the green grasshopper, nor the spotty ball wants to be his friend. But there must be someone just like him..."--Jacket.

Author: Emily Gravett Call Number: E GRA

Swim! Swim!

Lerch the fish is lonely, and after trying to befriend some unreceptive--and inanimate--objects, he finally succeeds in finding a friend.

Author: Jamens Proimao Call Number: E PRO

The Great Monster Hunt

When Duck hears a noise under her bed and runs to fetch help, each animal that hears about it imagines a more dangerous beast in Duck's room.

Author: Norgbert Landa Call Number: E LAN

Little White Rabbit

As he hops along a little rabbit wonders what it would be like to be green as grass, tall as fir trees, hard as rocks, and flutter like butterflies.

Author: Kevin Henkes Call Number: E HEN

Flying Lessons

A flock of doves that has always done everything in exactly the same way endures disruption, and eventutally finds enlightenment, from an outsider.

Author: Gilbert Ford Call Number: E FOR

Shark vs. Train

A shark and a train compete in a series of contests on a seesaw, in hot air balloons, bowling, shooting baskets, playing hide-and-seek, and more.

Author: Chris Barton Call Number: E BAR

Little Oink

Little Oink is a neat little pig, but his parents will not allow him to play until he is messy, as pigs should be.

Author: Amy Rosenthal Call Number: E ROS