Parker Looks Up

A visit to Washington, DC’s National Portrait Gallery forever alters Parker Curry’s young life when she views First Lady Michelle Obama’s portrait.

Author: Parker Curry Call Number: E CUR

Can I Play Too?

A young boy building a train track with his friend is headed for trouble until a teacher steps in and helps him learn social cues of anger and happiness.

Author: Samantha Cotterill Call Number: E COT

I'm Worried

Potato is worried about what might happen in the future, causing Flamingo to worry, too, but their friend, a little girl, encourages them to focus on enjoying the present, instead.

Author: Michael Ian Black Call Number: E BLA

Goodbye, Friend! Hello, Friend!

Two best friends understand that saying goodbye to one experience means saying hello to the next, but that does not make it easier when one friend has to move away.

Author: Cori Doerrfeld Call Number: E DOE

Nobody Hugs a Cactus

Hank doesn’t like noise, he doesn’t like rowdiness, and definitely does not like hugs. But the thing is, no one is offering one. Who would want to hug a plant so mean? Hank is beginning to discover that being alone can be, well, lonely. So he comes up with a plan to get the one thing he thought he would never need: a hug from a friend.

Author: Carter Goodrich Call Number: E GOO

Leila in Saffron

When Leila looks in the mirror, she doesn’t know if she likes what she sees. But when her grandmother tells her the saffron beads on her scarf suit her, she feels a tiny bit better. So, Leila spends the rest of their family dinner night on the lookout for other parts of her she does like.

Author: Rukhsanna Guidroz Call Number: E GUI

Fry Bread

Using illustrations that show the diversity in Native America and spare poetic text that emphasizes fry bread in terms of provenance, this volume tells the story of a post-colonial food that is a shared tradition for Native American families all across the North American continent.

Author: Kevin Noble Maillard Call Number: E MAI

Ruby Finds a Worry

Meet Ruby--a happy, curious, imaginative girl. But one day, she finds something unexpected: a Worry. It's not such a big Worry, at first. But every day, it grows a little bigger . . . And a little bigger . . . Until eventually, the Worry is ENORMOUS and is all she can think about.

Author: Tom Percival Call Number: E PER

Be You!

The author reminds readers to "be your own work of art." To be patient, persistent, and true. Because there is one, and only one, YOU.

Author: Peter Reynolds Call Number: E REY


Supertato must rely on his superhero powers to save the supermarket from one pea's mischief in the vegetable section.

Author: Sue Hendra Call Number: E HEN

Cool Cuts

An illustrated, joyful celebration of African-American boys' hairstyles.

Author: Mechal Renee Roe Call Number: E ROE

Sign Off

A wordless picture book that shows what the figures on road signs do when no one is around to see them.

Author: Stephen Savage Call Number: E SAV

Ani's Light

Ani's world has gone dark in his mother's absence, and his family and friends are unable to help, but when Mama finally returns, with her hair missing, her love chases the darkness away. Includes a note to parents and caregivers.

Author: Tanu Shree Singh Call Number: E SIN

Finding Kindness

Illustrations and rhyming text describe acts of kindness and community.

Author: Deborah Underwood Call Number: E UND


A series of events, some seemingly very insignificant, lead to a young girl attending a life-changing concert.

Author: Mo Willems Call Number: E WIL

Mrs. Mo's Monster

A monster with a one-track mind meets his match in an elderly lady called Mrs. Mo. With Mrs. Mo's help, the monster is surprised to discover that he can do more than he ever thought.

Author: Paul Beavis Call Number: E BEA

Mixed: A Colorful Story

Each believing that their hue is the best, the three primary colors live in separate parts of the city until Yellow and Blue meet, fall in love, and decide to mix.

Author: Arree Chung Call Number: E CHU (CONCEPT)

I Don't Like Koala

Adam does not like his stuffed koala because of its terrible eyes, terrible face, and terrible paws, but each time he tries to get rid of it, Koala comes back until Adam realizes that Koala is on his side.

Author: Sean Ferrell Call Number: E FER

Most People

Looks at the goodness of most people, pointing out how many more people there are in the world who would like to help others than would like to hurt them, and even most of those who do bad things can change.

Author: Michael Leannah Call Number: J170 LEA

Superheroes are Everywhere

Senator Kamala Harris's picture book memoir in which she tells her life story and shows how everyone can be a superhero.

Author: Kamala Harris Call Number: J BIO HARRIS

Mary Had a Little Lab

Hoping for a friend, Mary invents a way to make a sheep, but when she starts making sheep for her new friends, chaos abounds.

Author: Sue Fliess Call Number: E FLI

The Bad Seed

A naughty seed with a bad attitude, bad temper, and bad manners vows to change his life for the better, but his efforts are met with skepticism by his friends.

Author: Jory John Call Number: E JOH

Move Your Mood

Provides a fun, active way to learn about emotions, linking movement with mood.

Author: Brenda S. Miles Call Number: E MIL

Hey, Water!

Splashy illustrations and simple text explore water in its many shapes and forms.

Author: Antoinette Portis Call Number: J 553.7 POR

The Not So Quiet Library

Oskar and his bear Theodore must save the day when an angry monster barges into the library...and thinks it's an all-you-can-eat buffet!

Author: Zachariah Ohora Call Number: E OHO