Book cover of Blackbird Fly by Erin Entrada Kelly

Blackbird Fly / Erin Entrada Kelly

Eighth-grader Apple moved to the U.S. from the Philippines with her mother shortly after her father passed away. They didn’t take many reminders with them, except her father’s worn-out cassette of her favorite band of all time, the Beatles. As she and her middle school friends get older and boys enter the scene, Apple doesn’t seem to fit in the way she used to, ending up on the school’s notorious “Dog Log” and being ridiculed by people she used to call her friends. Her life is changed after getting to know two of the school’s outcasts, a boy who loves building things and a girl with the most beautiful voice in the school. Add in the chance to play the guitar and her beloved Beatles songs for an amazing story of overcoming differences and trying to fit in… or not. Recommended for grades 6 & up.

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