Book jacket of "Blue in the Face, a Story of Risk, Rhyme and Rebellion" by Gerry Swallow. Drawing of girl in tree in the woods with an owl and three blind mice.

Blue in the Face: A Story of Risk, Rhyme, and Rebellion / Gerry Swallow

Elspeth Pule is the queen of temper tantrums; she always gets her way with her parents by throwing things and holding her breath until they cave.  One day, when Elspeth holds her breath so long she passes out, she wakes up in a land of nursery rhyme characters where the rhymes she learned as a child turn out to be total lies churned out by King Krool, a malicious and selfish ruler.  Will Elspeth abandon her selfish ways to help the nursery rhyme characters revolt against the evil King? Or will she return home not having learned a single lesson?  This hilarious adventure, full of familiar nursery rhyme characters (with a twist), is recommended for readers ages 8 and up.

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