Finding Perfect / Elly Swartz

Twelve-year-old Molly wasn’t always so upset by things not being perfect, until lately… Her mother’s job working for a juicing company is taking her to Toronto for a year and the rest of the family is not going. She said she was going to a job and not running away, though. Trying to be there for her younger brother Ian, who doesn’t understand and her older sister Kate, who might understand a little too well, is not easy. Molly is a budding poetry slam star and his hoping to lure her mother back sooner when she wins the Lakeville Middle School’s Poetry Slam Contest and is honored at a celebration banquet. She has to come home early for that!

Time goes on and things become more stressful for Molly. Why does her glass animal figurine collection have to be aligned perfectly with a ruler, with so much space in between each figure? Why do her colored pencils and other school supplies have to be in their exact place or it becomes extremely difficult to focus? Why do odd numbers bother her so much, and why does she start counting even numbers inside her head and starting over when she loses her place? Why is everything she used to enjoy doing so much harder now?

With help from her friends, family, and a very special teacher, Molly realizes that there is no such thing as perfect.

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