Cover of Horton Halfpott by Tom Angleberger

Horton Halfpott, audio book version / Tom Angleberger

This story focuses on Horton Halfpott, a hard working kitchen boy at the Luggertuck manor in 19th century England. He works hard to earn his penny to take home to his family each week, to aid in the amount required to get a good doctor for his father’s ailing health.

The series of events begins to unfold one day when Lady Luggertuck loosens her corset, resulting in the general loosening of rules that are normally follow in her manor. When the family heirloom known as the Luggertuck Lump goes missing, an investigation ensues.  Horton begins his own investigation, enlisting the help of some of the other workers at the manor.

Angleberger weaves a hilarious tale with multiple characters, bringing life and activity to the Luggertuck manor. He addresses the reader directly at times, which is especially effective in the audio book narrated by England native Ron Keith.  This book is alive with action and humor, including the exaggerated illustrations of each character in the print version.

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