Not If I Can Help It / Carolyn Mackler

A lot of things make Willa uncomfortable: tight collars on her shirts, crumply socks–but the most uncomfortable thing of all is change. There’s a lot of that on the horizon for Willa, though, because she’s just found out that her dad and her best friend Ruby’s mom have been seeing each other—without bothering to run the idea past Willa first! Also, it’s almost time for the letters to arrive that tell each student what middle school they’ll be attending next year for Sixth Grade. Through all of this, the smart and popular Avery always has a snarky comment waiting for Willa—behind all the adults’ backs, of course. Can Willa navigate her Sensory Processing challenges, feel at least a little less weird about having an instant sister, get her much-anticipated dog, and deal with Avery—all at once—and still be okay?   Ages 9 and up.

“You’d be surprised,” Maureen says, “at all the different ways there are of being a person, and also what people privately struggle with. Life isn’t always easy. Not for anyone.”

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