Real Friends cover

Real Friends / Shannon Hale and LeUyen Pham

What do you do when your BFF since Kindergarten moves away
then moves back several months later? Shannon and Adrienne have
always been there for each other – they were the girl wonders after all…
until she moves back and the other kids in class want to be her friend, too…
including Jen, the most popular girl in class and “The Group.” Everyone
wants to be friends with Jen, even if that means bullying others. Where
does Shannon fit into all of this, though? Does she still belong with
Adrienne and “The Group?” Shannon doesn’t quite feel right about this
group. But what happens when she takes a stand and tries to start her
own group? What do you do when it seems like everyone doesn’t want
to be your friend anymore because they want to fit in? How do you stop
feeling so sad an anxious about going to school every day? Are BFFs really
“Best Friends Forever?” Find out the answer to these questions and a
whole lot more in Real Friends.

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