Boy wearing tank top, shorts, and cape in a superman pose

Stuntboy, in the Meantime / Jason Reynolds

Portico is a boy who lives in what he calls a “castle,” with his mom, dad, and grandma.The apartment complex is home to an assortment of neighbors including his best friend Zola, and his arch nemesis Herbert Singletary the Worst. Portico has a few secrets. One, he is actually a superhero called Stuntboy! His purpose is to save those he cares about with his amazing stunts. The other is that his parents are always fighting about the stuff in their apartment. And when this happens, they send him away because they’re in the Mean Time. And when his parents are in the Mean Time, Portico feels “the frets,” which is what he calls his anxiety. But Stuntboy doesn’t feel the frets, and Stuntboy may be the only one who can save his parents from the Mean Time.

If you are an audiobook fan, the narration is fantastic! There are three voice actors and they use all sorts of music and props to really bring the book alive.

This book book is recommended for kids aged 7-12.

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