To Night Owl From Dogfish

To Night Owl From Dogfish / Holly Goldberg Sloan

Reminiscent of The Parent Trap, Bett and Avery are two girls living on opposite sides of the country with their dads. Both girls have been happy being raised by their single dads. Bett discovers that her dad has been dating Avery’s dad and that he’s planning to send her to camp in Michigan with Avery so that the two will get to know each other. Bett finds Avery’s email and contacts her to find out what she knows about the relationship and how the two of them can put a stop to it. Their dads ignore their pleas and the girls get shipped off to camp while the dads take a trip to China. Things go awry in China and the dads break up; however, the girls have become close. Now the girls team up to try to figure out how to get their dads back together. For youth in 5th grade and up.

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