When Stars Are Scattered

When Stars Are Scattered / Victoria Jamieson and Omar Mohamed

Omar and his brother Hassan, who is nonverbal, live in a refugee camp in Kenya called Dadaab. The boys do not know where their mom is. Omar hopes that the war in Somalia ends soon so that they can return to a place where he thinks his mom can find them more easily, but they’ve been living in the camp for seven years already. One day, Omar meets the community leader, Salan, who comments on how well Omar speaks and writes the language. He asks why Omar isn’t at school in the middle of the day. Salan tells Omar that with an education, Omar would be better prepared for wherever life takes him. He could get a job or start a school and provide for himself and Hassan. Omar really wants to attend school, but he’s scared to be apart from Hassan. A graphic novel about brothers and life in a refugee camp. Recommended for children in grades 4-6.