Just Jaime

Just Jaime / Terri Libenson

It’s the last day of 7th grade, and Jaime has decided that she and her best friend, Maya, need to talk. All school year they’ve grown distant, their group of friends makes jokes at Jaime’s expense, and they frequently exclude Jaime when they hang out. Maya at first is defensive, but later dumps Jaime as her friend through a text….


Camp / Kayla Miller

The sequel to “Click,” Olive and Willow are heading to camp! While Olive and Willow begin by doing activities together, Olive quickly makes friends with the other campers while Willow is too shy and doesn’t feel comfortable around all the new kids. She’s jealous about having to share Olive’s attention with her new friends. Olive tries to do what Willow wants,…


Good Dog / Dan Gemeinhart

Brodie has always tried to be a very Good Dog, and when he finds himself suddenly in the afterlife one day, he can’t shake the feeling that the boy he left behind is in extreme danger.  Can Brodie find a way back, and can a ghost dog really do anything help a child in the darkest of situations?  Heartbreaking and heartwarming in equal doses,…

New Kid

New Kid / Jerry Craft

12-year-old Jordan Banks loves drawing comics and really wants to attend art school. Instead, his parents send him to a private school in an upper class neighborhood where he will be challenged academically. He finds that he is one of only a handful of kids of color at the school, forced to confront the prejudices of other students and staff….

Girl Of The Southern Sea

Girl of the Southern Sea / Michelle Kadarusman

Nia would like to continue her education and become a real writer, but she must battle extreme poverty, family hardships, a minibus crash, and a potential arranged marriage before she can even begin to make any of her dreams come true. Thankfully, she has the stories that she writes about Indonesian princess Dewi Kadita to keep her going strong. Ages 9 and up….