Guts / Raina Telgemeier

After a bout with the stomach flu, Raina becomes overly concerned about catching it again and develops a fear of vomiting. This spirals into anxiety over everything – school, food, friends – and Raina starts missing too much school due to her stomach issues and panic attacks. She starts seeing a therapist to help deal with her anxiety and to try to get at the root of her stomach troubles….

Best Friends

Best Friends / Shannon Hale

In this graphic novel, which is the second of the Real Friends series, Shannon begins 6th grade as one of the popular kids in “The Group” and shares a locker with the leader and her new best friend, “Jen.” Shannon tries to keep up with what is currently trendy among her friends but she soon finds that whenever she figures out how to act,…

To Night Owl From Dogfish

To Night Owl From Dogfish / Holly Goldberg Sloan

Reminiscent of The Parent Trap, Bett and Avery are two girls living on opposite sides of the country with their dads. Both girls have been happy being raised by their single dads. Bett discovers that her dad has been dating Avery’s dad and that he’s planning to send her to camp in Michigan with Avery so that the two will get to know each other….


Finding Orion / John David Anderson

Rion knows his name is weird and he knows his family is weird, but things don’t get REALLY strange until a singing telegram clown shows up at the front door to announce that his grandfather, Papa Kwirk, has passed away.  Rion’s dad and Papa Kwirk had had a very tense relationship for Rion’s whole life, and it doesn’t help that Papa Kwirk’s last wishes could be considered,…

Just Jaime

Just Jaime / Terri Libenson

It’s the last day of 7th grade, and Jaime has decided that she and her best friend, Maya, need to talk. All school year they’ve grown distant, their group of friends makes jokes at Jaime’s expense, and they frequently exclude Jaime when they hang out. Maya at first is defensive, but later dumps Jaime as her friend through a text….