Beyond Me / Annie Donwerth-Chikamatsu

You may have heard about the earthquake (and the associated tsunami and nuclear plant accidents) that occurred in Japan on March 11, 2011, but did you know that many areas suffered frightening aftershocks for weeks afterward, too?  This book, narrated in verse by 11-year-old Maya who is experiencing those aftershocks, is a timely one–and may help readers who are troubled by current events to feel a little less lonely. …


Braver: A Wombat’s Tale / Suzanne Selfors

Lola is an inquisitive little wombat joey who is always being scolded for being too curious.  She’s supposed to be quiet and shy, and mind her own business.  It’s a good thing that she isn’t good at any of that—because soon, she’s going to have to go on a quest to save her family (and the entire island) from Tasmanian Devil invaders! …

Autumn 2020 (9)

Fall Into a New Hobby

Fall is a great time to pick up a new hobby!  Here are some suggestions for all ages to inspire and help get your started.

Digital Resources

  • Have you tried out CreativeBug?  This database, free with your Bloomfield Township library card, offers hundreds of high-quality videos from expert artists and crafters.
  • RBDdigital is an excellent resource for craft and hobby magazines. 

The Remarkable Journey of Charlie Price / Jennifer Maschari

Charlie and his little sister Imogen have recently lost their mother, and while they’re having a tough time, they’re doing the best they can in getting through the grieving process.  One day, though, Imogen tells Charlie that she’s seen their mother—even spoken with her.  Imogen begins acting strange and distant, much like the way Charlie’s good friend Frank did after Frank’s own grandma passed… could there be a connection? …


Not If I Can Help It / Carolyn Mackler

A lot of things make Willa uncomfortable: tight collars on her shirts, crumply socks–but the most uncomfortable thing of all is change. There’s a lot of that on the horizon for Willa, though, because she’s just found out that her dad and her best friend Ruby’s mom have been seeing each other—without bothering to run the idea past Willa first!…