Cover image of girl excitedly holding a dictionary open as words and pages burst out of it.

Zia Erases the World / Bree Barton

Zia is a master of words and loves putting them together in funny and inventive ways. One thing she’s not good at, though, is finding the real words for the dark, empty, sinking, scary feeling she’s been experiencing lately. She’s labeled it the Shadoom, but she doesn’t tell anyone about it apart from her new friend Alice….

Three young people walk together closely through trees as sinister silhouettes with red eyes look on.

Thirteens / Kate Alice Marshall

Eleanor is new to Eden Eld, but she’s used to weird things happening—which is good, because she’s started to see strange things in her home and in town, like a clock that shouldn’t be there and a scary black dog with red eyes. When Eleanor makes two new friends and finds out they can see the “wrong things” too, they start to uncover much older and darker secrets about Eden Eld than they could have ever imagined….

Cover is a drawing of two young people riding bikes together.

The Way I Say It / Nancy Tandon

Rory is having more than one problem in sixth grade. His old best friend Brent is now an enemy, and even Rory’s own name is giving him troubles—he’s been seeing speech therapists for a while, but still can’t overcome the “R” sound. What’s worse is there are some big public speaking projects coming up for his class—and his teacher has paired him up with none other than Brent,…

Decorative graphic with video game related graphics in a neon light style and the words "Book recs for kids who love video games"

AFK: Book Recs for Gamer Kids

Book recommendations for kids who love video games

Insert Coin to Continue / John David Anderson
Middle-schooler Bryan wakes up to find that his life has become a video game, with bullies to beat, races to run, puzzles to solve, and much more at stake. Ages 8 and up

Arcade World series / Nate Bitt
Travis and Journey are best friends who love going to Arcade World,…

Book cover featuring a white teen boy with short side parted brown hair wearing a blue sweatshirt in front of a small town street at sunset

Small Town Pride / Phil Stamper

Jake is settling into life as the first openly gay kid at his school, but when his father adds a pride flag to the family’s flag pole, he finds out not everyone is his small town is as supportive as his parents and best friend. The complaints start rolling in – with some people expressing concern that this will lead to a Pride Parade….