I Can Make This Promise / Christine Day

Edie wants to learn more about her Native American heritage, but unfortunately, her mom (who was adopted) seems reluctant to help her learn more.   When Edie stumbles upon a box in the attic which contains glamorous head shots of a beautiful Native American woman who shares Edie’s name, her world is turned upside down. Join Edie, her family, and one loyal friend as they begin to understand and heal from the past together….


Ghost Boys / Jewell Parker Rhodes

In the aftermath of 12-year-old Jerome’s death at the hands of a police officer, everyone must come to terms with the incident—including Jerome’s ghost and the daughter of the officer. A heartbreaking novel about violence and all the souls it affects. Ages 10 and up….


This Was Our Pact / Ryan Andrews

A beautiful and unpredictable graphic novel about exploring beyond the familiar with new and unlikely friends.  Ages 10 and up….


Posted / John David Anderson

Frost and his friends have a lot to deal with at their middle school this year.  A new girl has arrived on the scene, an old friend is changing allegiances, and cell phones have just been completely banned because some students were using them to bully others.  A new way of communicating through sticky notes has become a fad, but will it hurt more people than the text messaging did? …


The House with Chicken Legs / Sophie Anderson

It’s bad enough that Marinka can’t make any friends because her house is always moving around—but knowing that she will soon have to inherit her grandmother’s Yaga duties in guarding the dead through their final gateway is really wrecking her life. A thought-provoking and enjoyable fantasy for ages 9 and up….