A Single Stone book cover. Image of seven people digging under a mountain.

A Single Stone / Meg McKinlay

In this book, the inhabitants of a village must do whatever they can to keep their young ladies as small as possible in the hopes that they will one day join “the line,” a group of seven girls who enter the tiny crevices of the local mountain to mine the precious mica that the village uses for fuel during the harsh winters. …

Paper Heart By Cat Patrick Yellow Heart With Blue Shadow Of A Girl Standing On The Left Curve Of The Heart

Paper Heart / Cat Patrick

For kids fifth grade and up. Tess is struggling. Her best friend, Colette, recently died unexpectedly. She is finding it hard to connect to anyone in the aftermath, including her twin sister Frankie. She is devastated, but watching everyone around her move on and forget Colette hurts her even more. So Tess decides to go with her aunt, uncle, and cousins to Wyoming for the summer and enroll in an art course….

Stella Book Jacket - Girl Hugging Beagle dog in front of a tree

Stella / McCall Hoyle

Stella has a lot of regret in her little beagle body—she used to sniff for bombs, until one day, she got distracted, and her beloved handler paid the price for her inattention.  Nobody seems to have the will or the right skills to help Stella get better and trust herself again.  Will Stella find a person to love again, and maybe even find a new purpose and way to be useful? …


Hide and Seeker / Daka Hermon

Have you ever bent the rules during a game with your friends?  You may not want to after reading about what happens to Justin and his friends when they break the rules for Hide and Seek at a backyard party that was meant to celebrate the return of another friend, Zee, who had been missing for a year.  Justin can tell right away that something is very off with Zee,…


How to Bee / Bren MacDibble

Can you imagine what it might be like if we no longer had honeybees?  Peony lives on a farm in a future in which this has happened—and her fondest wish is to become a Bee herself.  To be a Bee in Peony’s time means that you are a small, nimble young person who can climb trees and use a wand to pollinate fruit trees so that crops can grow–and so that the farm where most of her family lives and works can prosper. …