Running Through Sprinklers

Running Through Sprinklers / Michelle Kim

Sara and Nadine are neighbors who have been best friends for as long as they can remember. When Nadine skips a grade to start high school and doesn’t mention this to Sara until the last day of summer, Sara is very hurt. Sara starts elementary school again, without her best friend. Things become awkward and sometimes tense between the two,…

The Simple Art Of Flying

The Simple Art of Flying / Cory Leonardo

Alastair, an African Grey parrot born in a pet shop, dreams of escaping the pet shop with his beloved, sickly sister, Aggie, and flying south where they can live in palm trees. Alastair’s plans are always foiled and he winds up with two broken wings. While he’s trying to recover, Aggie gets adopted by the shop’s assistant, Fritz. Alastair vows to reunite with his sister and take care of her –…

A Monster Like Me

A Monster Like Me / Wendy S. Swore

Born with a blood tumor covering half her face, 10-year-old Sophie has to endure bullying from kids and insensitive remarks from adults alike. This means that she avoids doing activities in which she cannot hide her face and instead finds refuge in her book about monsters. The school often equally blames the bully and the victim, giving them both the same punishment….

The Portal

The Portal / Kathryn Lasky

Rose Ashley has moved in with her grandmother after the sudden death of her mother. Grief-stricken, horribly bullied at school, and missing her creative outlet because her sewing machine has not arrived to her grandmother’s yet, Rose takes solace in her grandmother’s greenhouse. One night in the greenhouse, she suddenly, she finds herself in 1543 Tudor England as a servant to Princess Elizabeth I,…

Because Of The Rabbit

Because of the Rabbit / Cynthia Lord

It’s been tough for Emma to adjust to public middle school after years of being homeschooled, but thankfully, a rescued rabbit helps her learn a lot about making friends, being herself, and seeing things from others’ points of view.  Ages 8 and up….