Face of Japanese American girl in front of a red curtain with a pencil, notebook, space helmet, cat, and basketball floating above her head

Dream, Annie, Dream / Waka T. Brown

Set in Kansas in 1987, Aoi – who has recently decided to go by “Annie” because she’s tired of having her name mispronounced – is excited about her summer theatre camp because this year,…

Blonde boy with glasses wearing a backpack and holding a pie

Honestly Elliott / Gillian McDunn

Elliott is struggling with 6th grade. His best friend moved away, his dad and his new wife are expecting a baby, he almost failed 6th grade earlier in the year,…

African American girl holding a chick hatching out of an egg

Just Right Jillian / Nicole D. Collier

Jillian “wins” a math competition to her foe, Rashida, but ultimately loses because she’s so painfully shy that she doesn’t want to draw attention to herself. Jillian’s teacher realizes the truth and encourages Jillian to participate in the school’s Mind Benders competition to help herself learn to speak up….

Side profile of a head of a girl with eyes closed

A Kind of Spark / Elle McNicoll

Addie is an autistic girl living in Juniper, Scotland. Addie processes the world differently from those around her, but many in the community do not understand this about her; she does not like being talked to and treated like she’s “stupid”,…

A preteen girl stands on the left, with London behind her. A boy stands on the right with New York City behind him.

Glitter Gets Everywhere / Yvette Clark

After 11-year-old Londoner Kitty’s mom passes away, Kitty finds that the world has the audacity to continue spinning and that she has to find a “new normal.”  As the months pass,…