Every Shiny Thing / Laurie Morrison and Cordelia Jensen

Lauren and Sierra are forming a new friendship, although they come from very different circumstances.  Lauren is missing her brother who has gone away to a special school, and the whole situation starts her thinking about people who don’t have things as easy as her family does.  When she starts a scheme to try to do some good, will it instead end up putting her new friend Sierra in an uncomfortable position? …


What Elephants Know / Eric Dinerstein

Nandu has a happy life in Nepal, living and working with his beloved elephants at a stable overseen by the King.  When it is decided that the stable must close, Nandu has to devise a scheme to keep everything that matters to him safe and secure.  With the help of new friends, dangerous robbers, and the elephants themselves, he just might do it.  …


Tristan Strong Punches a Hole in the Sky / Kwame Mbalia

If you want a fast-paced adventure with action around every corner, just follow Tristan Strong through the hole he accidentally created in his grandparents’ back yard.  Tristan knows all the tales about legends like John Henry, Brer Rabbit, Brer Fox, and Anansi the spider…but he’s not sure he’s ready to meet them—or save their world.  Ages 9 and up.  Digital copies available through Libby….


All the Impossible Things / Lindsay Lackey

Red is a foster kid who has a little bit of magic inside—she can control the wind.  What she can’t control is the addiction that got her birth mom arrested.  As she waits for her mom to come home, Red assumes that she’s never going to find a foster family who cares for her—but nothing’s impossible for the Groove family.  …


Otherwood / Pete Hautman

Stuey and Elly Rose are friends because they both enjoy exploring the forest between their two houses—but it also turns out that their families are connected in a different way, too.  When Elly Rose goes missing while she and Stuey are hanging out in their special place in the woods, life changes drastically.  Do secrets really have the power to break the world in two,…