White skyline against black sky with girl wearing jeans and black hoodie with cat in front of it.

City of Ghosts / Victoria Schwab

Ever since a brush with death, Cass can pass through the Veil that separates life and death to communicate with ghosts – including her best friend. When her parents – celebrity ghost hunters – haul her to Edinburgh, Scotland to film a TV show about haunted places, Cass encounters more ghost activity than she’s ever been exposed to at home….


Missing Mike / Shari Green

When her family escapes a wildfire in their Canadian town, Cara’s beloved dog Mike goes missing.  A very timely fiction book for anyone who has ever missed a lost pet, questioned what home truly means, or who wants to know what families might experience when a frightening disaster strikes.  Ages 8 and up….


Sweep: The Story of a Girl and Her Monster / Jonathan Auxier

Nan Sparrow is an orphan in nineteenth century London. She knows chimneys, she knows climbing, and she thinks she knows the nature of soot and grime. What she doesn’t know is why the chimney sweep who raised her left her on her own, or why the lump of char the sweep gave to her has stayed warm all this time (or,…


Small Spaces / Katherine Arden

If you are looking for a good scare for the season, this is it. Ollie is an eleven-year-old girl who stumbles across a creepy old book in an extra creepy way. She becomes engrossed in the book, and realizes that it contains secrets about a local farm—which her sixth grade class is about to visit on a field trip. Will she and the rest of the kids make it back to school,…


The Lifters / Dave Eggers

Gran has a strange name and a strange new house in an even stranger town. The only person at his school who even realizes he’s alive is the strangest part of all. Will Gran figure out where Catalina Catalan keeps going when she sneaks off, and why sinkholes keep opening up all over town? Give this book a try if you like stories about being a kid in a world of adult problems—and if you believe in the power of lifting others up.  …