Book cover showing a young lady on a rooftop, using binoculars to look across water at the Statue of Liberty. A boarded up building with other kids in silhouette appears in the background.

Nothing Else But Miracles / Kate Albus

Before Dory’s father goes off to fight in World War II, he tells Dory and her siblings that the neighborhood will provide for them while he is gone. He’s almost right–lots of folks are ready to help–but the family’s landlord is a different story. If only Dory could find someplace for the siblings to hide while they wait for a miracle……

Book cover featuring artwork of two young girls in simple dresses with their backs to the viewer, looking out a window from a sunny yellow, multi-bed hospital room.

Light and Air / Mindy Nichols Wendell

In 1935, Halle’s mom gets Tuberculosis and is sent to a special hospital to recover, but it’s not happening quickly enough for Halle. When Halle also gets sick, she joins her mom at the same facility, but they aren’t allowed to see each other. Between the coughing and the worrying about her mother, she doesn’t need any more trouble–but Halle knows she’s not being told everything and decides to do anything she can to help her mom heal….

Book cover showing a young man frowning from the back seat of a car loaded up for a vacation. The car is headed through a desert area with rock formations.

An Occasionally Happy Family / Cliff Burke

Theo and his sister are stuck going on a family outing which has been orchestrated by their well-meaning but flighty dad, who has been extra flighty lately. As the family hilariously survives birds, bears, other hikers, and the heat, the real reason for the trip is revealed. There’s a new lady in his dad’s life—but Theo isn’t ready to stop grieving for his mom yet….

Book cover featuring a young lady in the foreground looking up at a worn-down mansion in the background. The house has upstairs dormers that resemble eyes, and a spooky outline appears in one.

The International House of Dereliction / Jacqueline Davies

Because her family has had to move so often, ten-year-old Alice’s life has been a little unusual. Good thing she’s learned a lot of DIY skills and knows her way around a library, though, because the dilapidated home on the property next door to her family’s newest house needs a lot of help—and so do the spirits who linger there….

Cover depicts cartoonish boy lying on the ground under a raincloud

The Death and Life of Benny Brooks / Ethan Long

Benny is dealing with a LOT of troubles (which are creating more troubles like insomnia and poor grades at school).  He and his siblings are feeling completely invisible now that their mom and dad are going through a messy divorce and their mom has moved away. Now, Benny’s dad has received a frightening diagnosis—but refuses to stop smoking. This book,…