black and white image of album cover art, with a man wearing a long dark overcoat crouching on top of a rusted-out sedan, with his arms outstretched

Being Funny In a Foreign Language


Being Funny In a Foreign Language / The 1975

Freshly released at the end of October, The 1975’s fifth studio album explores a smoother, softer side of the band. Although no less tongue-in-cheek and self-effacing than their usual lyrics, Being Funny In a Foreign Language has a gentler,…

Recommended Music November 2022. Four album covers are featured.

Recommended Music – November 2022

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BeforeAfter / Daryl Hall 

Singer-songwriter and national treasure Daryl Hall has hand-selected and sequenced material from his solo oeuvre for an anthology named BeforeAfter. This two-disc set spans 1977 to 2011 and includes early material that wasn’t released commercially until 1980,…

New Recommended Music, October 22. 4 album covers are featured.

Recommended Music – October 2022

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This Is A Photograph / Kevin Morby 

Kevin Morby presents his Memphis album, his seventh overall. Stemming from a few weeks spent in the iconic city during the pandemic, it addresses thanatophobia—death-related anxiety (which appears to stem from a serious medical scare involving his father),…

Image of a man's face half-illuminated by a yellowish light, while he smiles threateningly. The film's title is superimposed in large red text over his eyes.



MEN / Alex Garland (director)

In the wake of personal tragedy, Harper travels to a remote English village to spend time alone and process her grief. Her solitude is interrupted, however, by recurrent sightings of a strange figure in the forest – a figure that encroaches closer and closer upon her….

Albu cover art for Murder By Death's album THE OTHER SHORE

The Other Shore


The Other Shore / Murder by Death

A solemn, gorgeous journey through space, told by a voice that sounds like a friend.

The Other Shore is the eighth album by indie rock band Murder By Death, and a triumphant installment to their notably vivid, voluminous sound….