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LOST AND WANTED / Nell Freudenberger

Helen is a tenured physics professor at MIT who has always been focused on her work and her young son. But when she starts to get text messages from her closest friend who has just died, she lets her life take a different turn. Connie 11/6/2019

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THE HONEY BUS / Meredith May

Meredith and Matthew May are normal happy little kids until their parents’ divorce in the 70s. Their distraught mother transports her children and herself across the country and moves in with her mom and stepfather. Once they arrive, their mom, a bitter, depressed and unstable woman, takes to her bed and loses all interest in caring for her children. Their grandma resents having to care for her grandchildren and is often cruel….

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History teacher, Saul Adler, at 28, bungles through the year 1988 first in London with his girlfriend Jennifer (a photographer) and then in East Germany doing research on Socialist Republics.  In Germany, Saul meets his translator, Walter, and Walter’s mother and sister, Luna.  He becomes entangled in their lives just before the wall is torn down.

Levy writes with exceptional use of concrete detail–always with a sure touch. …

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Blood river : a journey to Africa’s broken heart / Tim Butcher – The author recounts his audacious and perilous quest through the Congo as he retraced the 1874 expedition of explorer H. M. Stanley to map the Congo River, traveling alone with an assortment of vehicles, including a motorbike and dugout canoe, and aided by characters ranging from U.N….