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New Books in July 2024

These books and more will be arriving at the Library in July.

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book cover: this great hemisphere by mateo askaripour

This Great Hemisphere / Mateo Askaripour
When authorities claim her brother, who was presumed dead, is alive—and the main suspect in a high profile murder—Candace must find him before it’s too late.

book cover: navola by paolo bacigalupi

Navola / Paolo Bacigalupi
Davico must demonstrate his mastery of Navolese diplomacy as he prepares to take the reins of power from his father, but his fate depends on his adopted sister.

book cover: the au pair affair by tessa bailey

The Au Pair Affair / Tessa Bailey
Jumping to be a live-in nanny for hockey vet and newly single dad, Tallulah helps Burgess get back on the dating scene, but when boundaries cross, they find their hearts on thin ice.

book cover: flashpoint by catherine coulter

Flashpoint / Catherine Coulter
As a deadly conspiracy unfolds, FBI agent Dillon Savich races to protect a witness from an attack and help a psychic child search for his missing father in the latest novel of the series.

book cover: the wedding people by alison espach

The Wedding People by Alison Espach
Mistaken for a wedding guest, Phoebe unexpectedly becomes bride’s confidant and through her, meets a cast of surprising characters who help her start anew.

book cover: the summer pact by emily giffin

The Summer Pact by Emily Giffin
Hannah calls on her closest friends when one of the happiest moments of her life goes wrong, and together, they embark on a shared journey of self-discovery, forgiveness and acceptance.

book cover: the bright sword by lev grossman

The Bright Sword by Lev Grossman
A gifted young knight Collum finds only a handful of knights left at the Round Table, and together, joined by Merlin’s apprentice Nimue, set out to rebuild Camelot.

book cover: the black bird oracle by deborah harkness

The Black Bird Oracle by Deborah Harkness
When the Congregation demands she test the magic of her 7-year-old twins, Diana Bishop confronts her family’s dark past and reckons with her desire for even greater power.

book cover: breaking the dark by lisa jewell

Breaking the Dark by Lisa Jewell
Retired superhero Jessica Jones helps a distraught mother search for her missing teenage twins who disappeared while visiting their father in the UK.

book cover: grown women by sarai johnson

Grown Women by Sarai Johnson
Three generations of Black women in rural Tennessee, bound by love and burdened by resentment, find a chance for reconciliation when they reunite to raise a child.

book cover: i was teenage slasher by stephen graham jones

I Was a Teenage Slasher by Stephen Graham Jones
A good kid in a small Texas town in 1989 finds himself cursed to kill for revenge in true slasher film-style.

book cover: what have you done by shari lapena

What Have You Done by Sheri Lapena
When the body of Diana Brewer is discovered in a hayfield by a local farmer, sleepy little Fairfield, Vermont, a town of friendly, familiar faces becomes a town of suspects and a place of fear and paranoia where everyone wants answers.

book cover: the god of the woods by liz moore

The God of the Woods by Liz Moore
In 1975, when a counselor discovers the 13-year-old daughter of the camp’s owners has disappeared just like her brother 14 years earlier, a panicked search begins.

book cover: the briar club by kate quinn

The Briar Club by Kate Quinn
Grace moves into an all-female boardinghouse, drawing neighbors into unlikely friendship, but when violence comes, the women must expose the true enemy in their midst.

book cover: slow dance by rainbow rowell

Slow Dance by Rainbow Rowell
Shiloh, a divorced, single mom living back at home, attends a high school friend’s wedding in hopes of seeing Cary, the boy she never realized she loved until he was lost.

book cover: a death in cornwell by daniel silva

A Death in Cornwall by Daniel Silva
The NYT best-selling author returns with a new thriller in which a brutal murder, a missing masterpiece and mystery can only be solved by Gabriel Allon.

book cover: look in the mirror by catherine steadman

Look in the Mirror by Catherine Steadman
When her late father leaves her an unknown property in the British Virgin Islands, Nina wonders what else he was hiding and finds out that what you inherit can end up costing your life.

book cover: the cliffs by j courtney sullivan

The Cliffs by J Courtney Sullivan
Jane is hired as an archivist to research the history of a Victorian house and the women who lived there, uncovering a story of lost lovers, romantic longing, loss, and colonialism.

book cover: shadow of doubt by brad thor

Shadow of Doubt by Brad Thor
When a plot to destroy the US is uncovered, the lives of many are intertwined as friends can appear as enemies and enemies as friends—and when in doubt, there is no doubt.


book cover: madoff by richard behar

Madoff: The Final Word by Richard Behar
Fifteen years after Bernie Madoff’s arrest, renowned investigative journalist Richard Behar delivers the definitive account of history’s largest—and longest-running—financial fraud.

book cover: a hunger to kill by kim mager

A Hunger to Kill by Kim Mager
Describes the true story of Ashland, Ohio detective Kim Mager who used psychological expertise to unravel the crimes of serial killer Shawn Grate, known as “The Ladykiller,” through a series of high-stakes interviews during which he confessed.

book cover: true gretch by gretchen whitmer

True Gretch by Gretchen Whitmer
From a Michigan governor and rising Democratic star comes a personal and humorous account of her life and career, full of insights that guided her through a global pandemic, showdowns with high-profile bullies and even a kidnapping and assassination plot.

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