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New Books for December 2023

These books and more will be arriving at the Library in December 2023.

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Barbara Taylor Bradford, The Wonder of It All


The Wonder of It All / Barbara Taylor Bradford

Self-made James Falconer returns from World War I wounded in body and soul. He seeks reconciliation with both old flame Georgiana Ward and estranged daughter Leonie.

Kate Christensen, Welcome Home Stranger


Welcome Home, Stranger / Kate Christensen

A brilliant journalist grieving the loss of her difficult mother while attempting peace with those she left behind: a resentful sister and an ex-lover.

Robin Cook, Manner of Death


Manner of Death / Robin Cook

A pathology student arrives on the autopsy table, apparently a suicide, and Laurie is guilt-ridden until her medical examiner husband determines that this death could be murder.

The Other Mothers, Katherine Faulkner


The Other Mothers / Katherine Faulkner

A fresh and deftly paced thriller about murder, class, and motherhood in an exclusive London community.

Five Bad Deeds, Caz Frear


Five Bad Deeds / Caz Frear

A gripping tale of revenge, loyalty, and the secrets hidden between the walls of the most beautiful home in town.

Orbital, A Novel, Samantha Harvey


Orbital / Samantha Harvey

The lives of six men and women converge in an unusual place: a space station circling Earth in one of its last missions before the program is dismantled.


The Engagement Party / Darby Kane

A gripping and twisty thriller set on a private island in Maine where secrets piled upon secrets and lies upon lies are all revealed in one fateful weekend.

Yours For the Taking, Gabrielle Korn


Yours for the Taking / Gabrielle Korn

Living in 2050 Brooklyn, Ava and her girlfriend can only hope they’re accepted by the Inside Project, an invitation-only series of weather-controlled, city-sized structures worldwide.

The Weekend Retreat, Tara Laskowski


The Weekend Retreat / Tara Laskowski

A wealthy family’s vacation at their lush winery estate becomes a weekend to kill for.

The Frozen River, Ariel Lawhon


The Frozen River / Ariel Lawhon

A gripping historical mystery inspired by the life and diary of Martha Ballard, a renowned 18th-century midwife who investigates a shocking murder.

The Wildest Sun, Asha Lemmie


The Wildest Sun / Asha Lemmie

A determined young woman searches for the larger-than-life literary figure she believes to be her father.

The Fourth Rule, Jeff Lindsay


The Fourth Rule / Jeff Lindsay

A relentlessly suspenseful and delicious escapist thriller that will leave you shocked, breathless, and endlessly entertained.

Two Dead Wives, Adele Parks


Two Dead Wives / Adele Parks

Somewhere in England, a bigamist has gone missing, and her two husbands are suspected of a murder that can’t be proved without a body.

Rebecca, Not Becky, Christine Platt and Catherine Wiggins Greene


Rebecca, Not Becky / Platt & Greene

About two upper-class stay-at-home mothers—one white, one Black—living in a “perfect” suburb that explores motherhood, friendship, and the true meaning of sisterhood.

Flores and Miss Paula, Melissa Rivero


Flores and Miss Paula / Melissa Rivero

A wry, tender novel about a Peruvian immigrant mother and a millennial daughter who have one final chance to find common ground.

Here In the Dark, Alexis Soloski


Here in the Dark / Alexis Soloski

A dark and stylish novel of psychological suspense about a young theater critic drawn into a dangerous game that blurs the lines between reality and performance.

The Curse of Penryth Hall, Jess Armstrong


The Curse of Penryth Hall / Jess Armstrong

An atmospheric gothic mystery that beautifully brings the ancient Cornish countryside to life.

What Really Happens in Vegas, James Patterson and Mark Seal

979.3 PAT

What Really Happens in Vegas / James Patterson

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas—until now. James Patterson shows the real Vegas in a dazzling journey through stories of excess, drama, and hope.

The Lost Tomb, Douglas Preston

930.1 PRE

The Lost Tomb / Douglas Preston

Presents jaw-dropping true stories of Egyptian burial chambers, prehistoric ruins, pirate treasure, bizarre crimes, and more.

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