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The Galvin family seemed like any other large family. With twelve kids perfectly spanning the baby boom (the oldest born in 1945, the youngest in 1965), Don and Mimi Galvin seemed to be living the American dream. But things weren’t as perfect as they seemed. By the mid-70s, six of the ten Galvin boys, one after another, were diagnosed with schizophrenia….


I Know You Rider: a Memoir / Leslie Smith

Leslie Stein’s semi-autobiographical novel dances smoothly on the line between introspection and social commentary. Carefully considering the ethical, environmental, and personal impact of procreation, I Know You Rider carefully considers the subject of reproductive rights and how a person’s choices affect their daily lives, their position in society, and the rest of the planet. Colorfully-drawn and full of quiet,…

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All the devils are here : a novel / Louise Penny

The 16th novel by #1 bestselling author Louise Penny finds Chief Inspector Armand Gamache of the Sûreté du Quebec investigating a sinister plot in the City of Light. On their first night in Paris, …

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The Kremlin Strike …/ Dale Brown
The previous administration’s ineffective response to the growing Russian threat has left America vulnerable. Setting a bold course for America’s defense, the decisive and strong new president, John Dalton Farrell, intends to challenge Russian aggression head on. Brad and Patrick McLanahan and the formidable Iron Wolf Squadron—including the recently injured Nadia Roz,

Turn Off The Light

2020 Audie Award Winning Audiobooks

Audiobook of the Year/Multi-Voiced Performance, 2020

The Only Plane in the Sky: An Oral History of September 11, 2001
By Garrett M. Graff
Narrated by a full cast
The first comprehensive oral history of September 11, 2001 – a panoramic narrative woven from the voices of Americans on the front lines of an unprecedented national trauma….