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In memory of Jeanette P. Myers, B.S.Ed., M.L.S., a librarian for many years at the Bloomfield Township Public Library, an educational assistance scholarship has been established by the Rodman N. Myers family, subject to amendments from time to time by such family, as follows:


The Jeanette P. Myers Memorial Scholarship provides funds to encourage and support the post-secondary education of past or present employees of the Bloomfield Township Public Library, or persons who have some relationship with that Library, as the Selection Committee shall determine.

Criteria for Award

A total annual amount of at least $500, in the aggregate, will be awarded to scholarship applicants to use for books, tuition or other relevant expenses to assist in working toward an associate, bachelor or graduate degree, or for the pursuit of other post-secondary education.

Applicants must meet the following criteria:

Completion of the scholarship application forms and submission of all forms to the Library in person at the Welcome Desk, by mail to the attention of the Library Director, or email to by the annual deadline of June 1, 2019.

 Proof of satisfactory employment of at least three months at the Bloomfield Township Public Library, or other evidence of a connection or relationship with that Library satisfactory to the Selection Committee. Having an active library card, using the Library, or volunteering at the Library are all examples of having a relationship with Bloomfield Township Public Library.

 Evidence of enrollment in an institution of higher education.

 Provide at least one letter of reference from an academic professional at a current or future institution.

Guidelines for Distribution of Scholarships

Awards will be made using the following guidelines:

 Review of the application forms and statements of goals by a Selection Committee comprised of the Library Director and two members of the Library Board of Trustees. Relatives of a member of the Selection Committee are not eligible for the scholarship.

 Applicants may be interviewed by a member or members of the Selection Committee, either by telephone or in person, in connection with their application.

 Awards may vary in number and in amount of the individual award, but at least one award will be made each year provided there is a qualified applicant.

 Financial need may be a consideration but is not a requirement.

 Scholarships are not automatically renewable. Applicants must apply on an equally competitive basis each year.

Notification of Award

Applicants will be notified by July 15 as to whether or not they will receive an award and the amount thereof. Successful applicants for awards must complete an acknowledgment form no later than the following September 1 which indicates that they have enrolled in an appropriate institution. The award will be made out to the institution and sent to the scholarship recipient for application against tuition or eligible expenses. If the recipient fails to attend the institution, the award will be returned to the scholarship fund.


All awards will be made without regard to race, creed, color, sex, religion or national origin.

Download the Jeanette P. Myers Scholarship application here.