The Bloomfield Township Public Library recognizes its patron library records and other records with personally identifying information to be confidential in nature. Neither BTPL, nor any employee, Trustee, or volunteer thereof, will share, sell, rent, or otherwise distribute or disclose a patron’s name, e-mail address, postal address, phone number, borrower records, or any other personally identifying information to any outside parties unless required to do so by a properly executed court order, or as law provides, or pursuant to the patron’s expressed written consent.

Appropriate security measures and equipment shall be used in the library’s physical facilities to discourage misuse of information or property.

Patron Library Records

Information stored in the patron library record shall be gathered solely for the use of the library to serve its patrons. Information regarding items checked out and returned on time is not retained. Michigan’s Library Privacy Act (MCL 397.601 and amendments) protects the confidentiality of these records.

Use of the Library’s Computers and Online Services

Tracking technologies, frequently required by web sites which patrons may visit, may track the visitor’s computer information and any personally identifying information supplied by the visitor when the computers are used. Whatever data is tracked, there shall be no connection between the library card number and the library card record. The BTPL’s commitment to privacy will prevent the retention of personally identifying information with the web sites or databases used through its web site.

Use of Internet Filtering

Filtering software shall be used solely to comply with local, state, and federal law.

Policy approved by Board: 9/25/01
Policy revised by Board: 3/20/07

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